3 S.R. Johannes: After While Crocodile

Monday, September 04, 2006

After While Crocodile

Yes... I am devastated at the sudden death of the Crocodile Hunter.

When I saw the news, a lump grew in my throat. It is tragic, it is unexpected, and it is very, very sad. A freak accident where a sting-ray zips though his ribcage and pierces his heart - how utterly awful. (my ongoing fear of the sea is again justified.)

As I absorbed my small loss, I am ashamed to say that an odd thought crawled across my (now what I call) disturbing mind: "That sux...at least it could have been a crocodile."

But a stingray? I mean...if he had to go, I kinda think he would rather have been devoured by the "Jaws" of all crocodiles.

After all, he was the "Crocodile Hunter", not the "Stingray Slayer".


Somehow being stung by a large stingray does not not seem to really compare to being mauled in half by a mammoth reptile.

Seems unfitting.

A man who prides himself on capturing crocodiles, canoodling with snakes, and skipping with alligators deserves something more. Something more dramatic.

Therefore, all I can do is salute and mutter "see yah later, alligator."

Suddenly, a whisper swims through the trees and paddles across the sea-blue sky, "After while crocodile."

Instantly, I am calmed in knowing the Crocodile Hunter is finally floating through...

...his "swamp in the sky".