3 S.R. Johannes: Geico...get going!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Geico...get going!

A Geico Sitcom?

You must be kidding!

The cavemen are funny for about 30 seconds! Do we really need them for 30 minutes?

This comes back to my beef about our society...we always want more, we can never get enough.

Where does it stop?

If we like a movie - we just remake it.
Then if we like the remake - we do another one.
If we like something to eat - we make the portions bigger.
If we still aren't full - we super size it.
If we like a celebrity, we make magazine after magazine showing them doing things nobody really cares about.
If we like a book, we make a movie and then release the book again and again and again with different covers
If we have extra space, we fill it with shopping malls, strip malls or more apartment complexes.
If we need more space, we build on, up and out.

If we could just put this "give me more" mentality into more positive actions we could do so much for this world - more recycling, more education, more knowledge about the world, more voting, more peace, more love, and more compassion.

We need to go back to the old adage of "LESS is more".

So I say, "Geico get going!"


Anonymous said...

Reading your "Geico get going post"--yes, I'm going waaayy back to keep up with the posting--kinda has me wondering whether they really did that or no. Or did they get enough sharp comments like yours to wake up and realize their foolishness?

Carrie Harris said...

Yep. And then we keep complaining that the sequels and remakes and all that stuff are boring and unoriginal. Ironic, isn't it?