3 S.R. Johannes: Am I a Tryer-Higher

Friday, September 12, 2008

Am I a Tryer-Higher


What do I love about having a 4.5 year old? They say the darnest things.

Today in the car, my 4.5 (or as she would say 4 and 3/4s) year old starts reminding me of tasks that she obviously has heard me regurgitate.



"Did you make my dentist appointment?"

"No, i need to do that."

"Cuz I don't want my teeth to fall out."

"Me neither. Thanks for reminding me."

"Did you tell the fire department that I want to sell lemnade (translation: lemonade?)"

"Not yet honey?"

"Cuz I want to give some money to them for being so brave."

"That is so sweet"

Did you call the soccer corch (translation: coach)?

"I'm going to do that today."

"Oh, Mommy!"

"Yes honey."

"You forgot."

"Forgot what?"

"That you need to call American Girl?"


"Because of your book."

(For those few who don't know, one of my books was being considered for AG publication. My daughter knew about it b/c as I was desperately making edits to it - she sat across from me coloring ). I made it to the top 2 and then got (what's the word?) oh yeah -REJECTED. :(

"Oh. Well. I heard from them. unfortunately, they didn't not buy my book."

"That stinks. Why not?"

"They bought one from someone else. But I got second place. It's ok though."

"Yeah, don't give up Mommy."

"I won't."

"Yeah because you know what you are?"


"Because you are a tryer higher NOT a giver upper."

So there you have it.

I am a tryer higher writer!

I don't feel like it... but luckily somehow my daughter knows it. :)


Katie Anderson said...

aaawww - so cute!

Carrie Harris said...

So did the American Girl in your story get a milk bath?

I'm sorry. I just couldn't help myself.