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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What on Earth?

Marketing Muse - Eco-Friendly
These are the best ways to market with the earth in mind:
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  • Social networking (Facebook, Myspace)
What on Earth?

The Book Industry Study Group released a report with the Green Press Initiative last year estimating that the publishing industry “produced a carbon dioxide equivalent net emission of about 12.4 million tons in 2006, and a net emission of 8.85 pounds per book sold to consumers,” an amount that’s not unusual for manufactured products. Each year, according to the Green Press Initiative, over 30 million trees are used to make books in the United States alone, while the newspaper industry consumed 8.7 million metric tons of paper last year.

If you feel guilty about buying a book. Check out Eco-Libris . It's a new green biz that lets book readers balance out the paper used for the books they read by planting trees. You pay for trees to be planted based on the number of books you bought. They send you stickers for the books that read: "One Tree Planted for this Book." This is for those of us who have not moved to the Kindle yet ;)

We writers can be green too!

  • When drafting your work, use both sides of paper.
  • When it's ready to be trashed, recycle that paper.
  • Recycle those print cartridges.
  • Only print when you have to.
  • Instead of printing articles on line, bookmark them and keep them in a folder.
  • There are places that will refill your printer cartridges.
  • Use daylight, watt-saver bulbs in your work area.
  • Recycle the batteries for anything you use.
  • Check with your local electronics store about recycling or your local landfill or donate it.
  • Use reusable pens or pencils.
  • Donate books you have read or do not use.
  • Turn off your computer at night and unplug my equipment.
  • Be sure to read submission guidelines so you don't mail manuscripts to those who don't want them.
  • Use recycled paper.
  • Look for agents who are equery or esubmission first. (if you have a choice :)
  • Go paperless - scan all documents and store as files.
  • ProQuo is a free service that with a few clicks of your mouse, you can reduce the junk mail and paper clutter.
  • Replace paper to-do lists and notes with electronic ones.

Fav "Green" Finds for Writers

  • Buying a new computer? You can go to Energy Star and see what laptops qualify as eco-friendly and energy-efficient.

  • Sometimes I just want to write with a great pencil. I found these Smencils that smell great and are made from recycled newspaper!

  • Did you know that you could buy a laptop bag and charge your laptop? Now you do! here are some fun bags too.

  • Sweats (or as I like to call it - activewear) -am I the only one who writes in these items? (Sorry honey!) Comfort is key....

  • Am I the only one who writes in slippers (fall/winter) and "stop global warming" flip flops (spring/summer). Check out these fashionable ones. They are eco-friendly - so now you have an excuse to!

  • What writer does not use a coffee mug? here are some cute ones that are eco-friendly with eco-messages. We writers love our messages :)

  • I love taking notebooks with me in case I get a brilliant idea. I love these recycled paper notebooks.

That's it!

Happy Earth day!


PurpleClover said...

You've convinced me to save up for a kindle.

Jennifer said...

You've got some good tips here! I'm not a fan of e-books generally, but I may have to try out the Kindle that my mom won.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the tips. I've historically gone through many,many reams of paper at one sitting. You're a savvy thinker : )

Lauren said...

Great Earth Day tips! :)

I'm with you on the Active Wear...both in name and in clothing for writing/working from home.

Kimbra Kasch said...

Happy Earth Day to You!!!

Corey Schwartz said...

Oh, good ideas Shelli!

Shelli (srjohannes) said...

Purple clover - think how much you will save - I havent gone there yet but I am sure it is coming!

Shelli (srjohannes) said...

Others - whenever you print - just think of the trash pile between CA and Japan that spans the size of Texas and is 90 ft deep. :(

April Smith said...

I noticed that you mentioned ProQuo in this post as a way to eliminate unwanted mail. We here at Catalog Choice thought you should know that ProQuo has gone out of business (as of July 2, 2009). As a courtesy to your readers, you may want to let them know that if they had a ProQuo account, they can create a free Catalog Choice account and set their mail preferences. In addition to catalogs, this fall we will be adding other forms of mail that ProQuo supported, including credit card solicitations, phone books, coupons, and more. Catalog Choice has also launched a digital alternative to the paper catalog, the iCatalog. This is a great way to shop without all the paper. We'll have more than 100 iCatalogs up for browsing and sharing before the holidays. Just visit www.catalogchoice.org/icatalogs. Thanks for informing your readers!