3 S.R. Johannes: Last chance to ask our Teen Panel questions?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Last chance to ask our Teen Panel questions?

(Yes I know I said I was going to unplug but I'm back for just a second! I swear! :)

As some of you know - a teen panel is standing by to answer any and all of our questions regarding the books they read? What covers do they love and why? where do they hear about books? Etc.

This is your last chance to find out what you want to know from teens about the books they choose to read and why?

Leave me your questions in the comments!

Next month, our "Teen Panel" will give us the Scoop!


Paul Greci said...

After you've chosen a book and start reading, what makes you keep reading? And, what are the reasons that you stop reading a book?

GhostFolk.com said...

Wow, Paul. That's EXACTLY what I was going to ask.

Okay, something new. Here chiz:

Do you enjoy reading a book more when other people you know are reading or have read it? Or would you rather be the first to dsicover a terrific or awesome read?

Jenn (Books At Midnight) said...

Eh, no questions from me since I AM a teen, but I love the idea! I'll be checking back to see what questions others think of and what those teens say. :)

Catherine Denton said...

Do you enjoy reading historical or contemporary best?
Winged Writer

Frankie Diane Mallis said...

What's your biggest influence for buying a book? Friends? The cover? An ad? A review?

What's the one thing that will make you read a book no matter what? Like if there's romance? Or mystery? If it's by a certain author?

What's your favorite kind of book to read? Favorite genre?

What's your biggest pet peeve in books?

What are you sick of reading about?

Kayeleen Hamblin said...

How often do you pick up a book because some one else told you it was good?

Do you pay more attention to the characters or the story as you read?

What genres are overdone? What would you like to see more of?

Tere Kirkland said...

Do you have a preference when it comes to reading about kids who are like you? Do you like reading about kids whose lives are much different than yours less?

Different cultures, races, societies?

Jackee said...

Where are places you go to find good, new reads? Online sites, libraries, friends' houses or where?

Alissa Grosso said...

This couldn't have come at a better time for me as a group I belong to has been tossing around some different questions this week. So mine are:

1. Do you watch book trailers? And then if you do what sort of things in book trailers do you like or not like?

2. How do you find out about new authors?


Unknown said...

What is your favorite YA novel you've read in the past year? Why?

kathrynjankowski said...

What fantasy authors do you read and enjoy? Thanks.

Robert W. Leonard said...

Lately I've been working on good ways to get the word out about a free podcast of short stories to teens. What convenient timing! :)

Do you ever search for free stories or podcasts online? If so, how do you go about it: what sorts of search phrases and engines do you like? Is iTunes the best place to find new podcasts, or are there other sites you like better? If you followed a story every week, would you prefer it in text form, or audio?

Thanks, I think this is a really great idea, and very helpful to boot.

Unknown said...

Would any novel written be more interesting to you if the characters are your same age or do you enjoy reading about older characters as well?

Alison Eckel said...

Wow. Great questions. I can't wait to hear the answers.

Jemi Fraser said...

(Good idea!!)

Do you prefer the main character to be your gender or does it not bother you either way?

Do you like a book written from the pov of 2 main charactes?

Tess said...

How much does social networking (facebook posts, tweets etc) influence your reading choices. Do they at all, or is it more word of mouth?

great idea, Shelli - thanks so much for this opportunity!

Daisy Whitney said...

How do you choose the books you read?

cleemckenzie said...

Do you like photographs of real people on book covers or do you prefer an artists idea of how to represent a book?

Natalie Aguirre said...

How did you find out about new books and new authors while in middle school? Did blogs, book trailers,and/or Facebook play a role? When did these avenues become more important, if they did? How would you recommend that we market to a middle school and early high school student?

Kelly Polark said...

How often do you search the internet for an author's name to see if they have a blog or website?

(What a great idea to have a teen panel!)

Also: Team Jacob or Team Edward? ;)

Tricia J. O'Brien said...

Everybody has asked great questions.
I might add:
Have you ever gotten irritated by the way a story is told or written and why? Or just meh?
What are your favorite books of all-time? Your favorite characters?
How many books do you read a month?

Heather Zundel said...

How do you hear about books?

What kinds of covers attract you the most? Do you like seeing photograph-type images (partial face, torso, full body, etc)?

How often do you read for fun?

What do you look for when you pick up a new book (aka: WHY do you like to read)?

Do you like freebies from author's sites or other places? What kinds of things do you like that are book-related? (music, book posters, misc swag, etc)?

Ryan S. Kinsgrove said...

I was wondering how many teens felt about the whole vampire situation. Are you all dead set on the sparkling type of vampire shown in the Twilight saga? Or would you be interested in reading a book about more monstrous vampires like those from Anne Rice and Dracula?

Bish Denham said...

When and where do you read? During lunch? At night before you go to sleep? Also, are there any books you have read more than once? If you did, why? What made them special enough to be read again?

Anonymous said...

I can't think of any questions at the moment, but I definitely want to see how the others are answered.

Unknown said...

Can't wait!

Unknown said...

(Thanks for guest blogging on my website, Shelli! It looks great!)

-Do you ever check out book trailers? If not--why not (as in: are you aware they are there, but just don't care...or are you not even aware of their presence)?

-How influential are book reviews on blogs? Do you seek out book blogs, or have a few favs, or never check them?

Kathy McCullough said...

Do you attend library events for teens? If so, what have been some events you've loved. Do you ever choose books based on librarians' suggestions?

Thanks to the teens! And thanks to Shelli!

kathleen duey said...

Thanks for the opportunity to ask questions:

Dearest Teens,

Do you prefer series books or single-titles that complete the story in one book?

Do you read and like short stories?

And the big one:

What books have changed your life a little?

Vicky Alvear Shecter said...

All the questions I've had have already been asked! So, how's this one:

How much is price a factor in your book-buying decisions?

Susan R. Mills said...

Do you prefer happy endings to sad ones?

lisa and laura said...

Ooh, I second Frankie's questions. And do you ever hear about books on-line? Do blogs, Facebook, or Twitter have any impact on what you're reading?

Unknown said...

Hi Panel,

This past year there's been some controversy about pictures on book covers not matching the appearance of the characters inside the book. (Liar and Magic Under Glass are two examples where the skin color of the cover model didn't match the skin color of the main character.) Some people have said that teens are more likely to read books with characters who look like them. Here's my question: Do you think that's true? Do you think your friends would be interested in a book that was about someone of a different ethnicity or culture?


Sharon K. Mayhew said...

What draws you to a book more the title or the cover? Which one will make you read the blurb on the back cover?

CJ Omololu said...

Ooh! I have two. Are you influenced by the blurbs other authors sometimes give on the cover of debut books? Do you use an e-reader? If not, do you want to get one? (Sorry Shelli, that was three.)

Jennifer said...

Do you enjoy reading about older characters? If so, and you are an older teen (17 or 18), what do you read now?