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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Georgia Center for the Books Supports Libraries

Interview with Joe Davich, Georgia Center for the Books

To continue the celebration for National Library Week, here is an interview with Joe Davich, Assistant Director at Georgia Center for the Book.

Can you tell us a little about you and how the Georgia Center for the Books help libraries?

Well, I am from Fairmont, West Virginia, home of Author John Knowles. I attended West Virginia University, and I read books during football games, much to the chagrin of all those around me! I read across all genres, but I enjoy Fiction and Poetry very much.

One of the missions of the Georgia Center for the Book is to support Libraries. We always attempt to use the resources we have at our disposal to shine the light on Georgia's Libraries weather that is to book author lectures in a library, to host a touring exhibit at a branch, to include librarians on our Advisory Council, and to ask librarians for input on our reading lists, are just a few ways we try and engage Libraries in what we do. We really try to impress on all Georgians what a great resource their public library can be.

How do libraries hear about new releases and how do they promote books they love ?

Now, this varies from Library System to Library System, but there are a few basics. Librarians hear about books from trade shows, blogs, patrons, publisher catalog and trade publications such as Library Journal, BookList and Publishers Weekly. As far as promotion goes, Libraries create displays just like bookstores do, they use blogs and write on-line reviews for their patrons. Some also sponsor one or several books clubs.

What do you think authors can do to better support libraries?

I think that Authors can be the advocates that Libraries so desperately need. I think Authors can actively encourage their fans to help their local Library by volunteering, by becoming a Friend of their local Library or Georgia Libraries, or helping in fundraising efforts. So many Libraries are facing terrible budget cuts, and at a time when literacy is so essential, we all must do what we can to help our Libraries.

What would you like to see more of in the way of books for teens?

Wow, this may be the loaded question of 2010! I think that teens will always be hard to pin down - we just throw so many options at them at once! I think I will always like to see good writing. Sure, if vampires are your thing, have at it, but write well. I don't think we serve teens at all by giving them a poorly written book to read just for the sake of having them read. We need to impress upon teens that good writing is an art, that craft is a skill, and that words do have meaning.

What do you think is the best way for authors to contact libraries/your organization when promoting or informing about their books?

Start with the Georgia Center for the Book! We are a proud supporter of all of our Georgia Authors! I welcome e-mails and phone calls, and I love to hear about what our authors are doing! Just don't get upset if we can't do something for you right away. We have a small staff of two, and we do work 4 to 6 months in advance.

Thanks Joe!


Natalie Aguirre said...

Great interview. I always wondered how libraries find out about books and wondered what's the best ways we can connect with them. I wonder how many states have centers like Georgia. That would be a really good way to connect to many libraries through one contact.

Shannon O'Donnell said...

This was a great interview! I didn't realize there were so many things I still needed to know about libraries. Ha ha. Thank you both! :-)

Kelly H-Y said...

FABULOUS interview and information, as always!

Tara McClendon said...

Libraries rock! I could literally spend days in one.

Janet Johnson said...

I love what he said about writing well. Spitting out poorly written books does no one a service. Literature is an art. Something worth working hard at.

I definitely have a lot to learn about libraries!

Jennie Englund said...

Am LOVING the call for "well-written" teen books!

Christina Farley said...

Great interview. Librarians rock!

Sherrie Petersen said...

What a cool organization. I wonder if we have something like that in California?

Jonathon Arntson said...

It looks like GA is a great place to be a writer! Thanks for sharing this, Shelli!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed looking over your blog. I found your profile on another blog I follow and I added myself to follow you. You are more than welcome to visit my blog and become a follower if you want to.

God Bless You, Ron

Elizabeth O. Dulemba said...

GREAT interview and good to hear Joe's thoughts!

lisa and laura said...

Thanks for all of the valuable information Joe and Shelli! Libraries are one of my most favorite places and I love hearing about hwo we can help eachother.

Elizabeth Mueller said...

Wonderful interview! I LOVE my library! I'd be lost with out it...

Thank you!