3 S.R. Johannes: Winners of the Agent Pitch Contest

Friday, October 15, 2010

Winners of the Agent Pitch Contest

The winner is of Susan Hawk's Agent Pitch Contest is...

Slippers of Pearl by Danyelle
(MG fantasy)

After his uncle—who has a bad habit of dying—is fatally poisoned, Faryn’s family packs him off to the King’s Seat to learn magic and find his place as his uncle’s heir. What he discovers instead is a knack for making magical shoes, that turning a girl into a goose is a bad way to make friends—and dying her bright blue only aggravates matters, sinister apples that enchant all the maidens at court, and a royal edict to undo the apples’ magic if he wants to keep his head.

Danyelle - congrads! Please email meat sjohannes@bilaninc.com for instructions on your critique with Susan.

Honorable mentions are:
  • The Tweed Coat Mystery by theartgirl
  • Wistful by Jenn
  • Not Your Average Fairy Tale by Chantele Sedgwick
  • Lock 19 by Bree
  • Futureless by Sandy Shin
Congrads to the mentions and thanks to all who entered. Hope this was a good exercise for you.

Don't forget, Josh Adams from Adams Literary will be here next month so keep working on your pitches :)

Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Yay, congratulations, Danyelle! I love the pitch -- definitely something I'd pick up in a heart beat. :)

And thank you for the wonderful contest, Shelli and Susan! I'm ecstatic to have an honorable mention.

H. Pinski said...

Congratulations, Danyelle and all the honorable mentions! And thanks again for the contest!


Shannon O'Donnell said...

Hurray for all the winners! :-)

Deb Salisbury, Magic Seeker and Mantua-Maker said...

Wow, Danyelle! That sounds like a fun story!!!

Congrats on a well-earned win!

lotusgirl said...

Danyelle! You rock, girlfriend! Congrats!

Elana Johnson said...

AHHH! Congrats Danyelle!!

Danyelle L. said...

Thanks everyone! And thanks Shelli and Susan!

Janet Johnson said...

Congratulations Danyelle! Very cool. :)

Theresa said...

Congrats Danyelle! I remember laughing when I read your pitch.

Jemi Fraser said...

Great pitch Danyelle! Congratulations! :)

Angelica R. Jackson said...

Congrats to all the winners!

Jill Hathaway said...

Congrats, Danyelle!

Shelli, thanks for pointing that out on my blog! I fixed it! Pretty much left out 2009 because I was busy being pregnant/taking care of a newborn!

Joy D. Fanning said...

Congrats Danyelle! Your pitch sounds very exciting!!