3 S.R. Johannes: IndieView: Susan Bischoff (Talent Chronicles)

Friday, January 06, 2012

IndieView: Susan Bischoff (Talent Chronicles)

Today, Susan Bischoff stops by to talk about her indie experience:

Tell us about yourself

I’m just a girl who wants superhero romance! Is that so much to ask? Why must it always be a tragedy? Why does Angel walk away? Why did Wonder Woman go back home after the end of season 1 and WWII, then come back, work with Steve Trevor’s grandson, and still not hook up? Seriously! And let’s not even talk about Superman Returns, okay? Let’s. Just. Not. 

Tell us about your Talented series

The Talent Chronicles is about teens with supernatural abilities in a world where those abilities are illegal. These are kids trying to figure out who they are, while at the same time trying to hide it to avoid arrest by a government agency. The series also has strong romantic elements--because that's what I like. So far, the series has been about a seventeen year old girl named Joss, who has been raised by a very protective dad who has discouraged her from making friends in order to keep her ability a secret. When a new girl at school decides to befriend her, and won't take no for an answer, Joss's world is opened up to new experiences, friends, a boyfriend--and a whole lot of trouble.

How did you get started on your self pubbed journey?

I had become frustrated with the negativity surrounding traditional publishing, to an extent that it didn't seem worth pursuing any longer, and I put writing aside entirely to concentrate on other creative pursuits. When I learned about ebook publishing from some writer friends, it seemed to be exactly what I was looking for. I jumped in and went back to work. 

What advice do you have for authors looking at self-pubbing?

Take your time and understand that it's probably going to take time to get where you want to be. Even most traditionally published authors support themselves in another line of work until they have several books published. So don't be upset when you can't buy a new house in the first year. Seems obvious, but somehow a lot of people seem to focus on a few uber-successful outliers and fail to realize there are outliers in any field. And also on the subject of taking time, take time to make sure you're putting out the best work you can. Find someone who will actually tell you what you need to know about your work instead of what they think you want to hear. There's nothing more valuable than a good critique. 

What is next for you?

Right now I'm working on the third Talent Chronicles novel, Heroes Under Siege. Not sure when that's going to be ready.  

What is your favorite word? What is your least favorite word?

My favorite word is enchanting

Least favorite is a bit harder and what comes to mind is the word challenge used when it's really a problem.

What are your new years resolutions for 2012?

I call those New Year's Intentions--to take a bit of the pressure off. This year's Intentions include--but are not limited to--keeping my sink clear of dishes, writing more regularly and working on discipline rather than sporadic inspiration, spending more time with real life people, doing more with my daughter, keeping off the weight I've lost, and I have quite the list of decluttering Intentions. 

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Laura Pauling said...

Sounds like a terrific book. I love teens with supernatural abilities. And great wisdom about expectations in self publishing!

Kelly Bryson said...

I like your renaming of resolutions- I can work with intentions:)

And I agree with Laura- it does sound like a terrific book. Thanks for sharing a bit about your decision to epublish:)

Jemi Fraser said...

Intentions - I like that! :)

Sounds like a fun book! Good luck with it :)

HelloWriters said...

Sounds like a great read!!!