3 S.R. Johannes: The interest of Pinterest in Marketing

Thursday, July 12, 2012

The interest of Pinterest in Marketing

Ah my new love!

I love Pinterest ! If you are on, come connect with me! I love learning about people from their boards! 

It's so fun, I'm also doing a pinning contest for those pinners who pin both Untraceable and Uncontrollable covers on their boards. :)

I also just created a Nature of Grace board with all my images of Mo and Wyn and things in the book. You can follow that board individually. Let me know what you think or send me some images you think should be there!

Pinterest is fun (wait did I say that already?) It's a huge bulletin board and gets rid of those pesky bookmarks on my browser that I hated so much.

Pinterest - what is it?

Pinterest is the newest social networking site. It is more visual and image based that Twitter or Facebook used by primarily women at this point. 

It encourages you to find and pin everything dang cute things to your boards. It is kind of a modern way to bookmark stuff you love or find interesting. On Pinterest I am the best dresser, the best cook, and the wisest person! 

Repinning, following, and organizing is fun and easy. There's that word fun again. 

Besides being....fun...you can use it to build a platform.

Benefits of using Pinterest

·      Find people who like the same things as you.
·      Gives insights into people’s personal likes and dislikes.
·      Creates easy bookmarks to things you love.
·      Helps you find out what is trending and what is popular.
·      It’s fun.

Tips for using Pinterest

·      Always embed links so people can go  to whatever you are pinning.
·      Be sure to pin your own original stuff as well as repin others.
·      Download the pin icon to make it easy to pin wherever you are.
·      Create boards and use interesting titles to attract attention.
·      Create a book board for yourself.
·      Tag friends in posts to create community.
·      Use keywords in descriptions and hashtags.
·      Make sure you know what you are repinning.
·      Make sure you have descriptions.
·      Try to space out pins so you don’t bombard the boards with one topic.
·      Use likes as placeholders so you can find something again.
·    You can follow people or individual boards. This helps you target  who and what you want to watch.
·      Don’t forget to categorize your boards.
·      You have 500 characters in each description box. Use them.
·      Highlight text before pinning to add to description box.
·      Link Pinterest to other accounts.
·      Pin coupons for your book.
·      Create group boards with multiple contributors.
·      Watch for copyright issues.

Pinterest pet peeves

·      Populating description with the actual post. Create summaries.
·      Forget to include links or descriptions.
·      Not grouping into boards.
·      Pinning everything.

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Anonymous said...

Okay. Someone finally sold me. I requested an invite, but it will probably be forever before I get the hang of it. :)

Jemi Fraser said...

I'm trying so hard to avoid Pinterest because I know I'll love it! My daughter uses it all the time. One of these days I know I'll get drawn in!! :)

Kimbra Kasch said...

I hadn't thought about all these things. I just LOVE it. In fact I did a post about Pinterventions on Wednesday - I think it will be a very real thing in the future ;)

Natalie Aguirre said...

I'm like Jemi for now. It's hard to do all the social media stuff, blog, read blogs, work full time and have a family. Oh, and have time for the important thing called writing. I know someday I'll go on too.

Magan said...

For some reason when I pin from my Ipad I can't update the little description field if I re-pin things. I only use my computer now for writing and the Ipad for internet, so I guess I need to step up my game on that with Pinterest!

Rebekkah Ford said...

I love pinterest too! I did three boards about my YA paranormal book I just published. It's so fun and addicting. :)I'll have to check out your boards.

Susan Oloier said...

I need to use this more. I created some boards, followed some people, then forgot about it. Your post is a nice reminder to use it more frequently. Thanks!