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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Marketing ebook and my WIP

In Breaking News

My marketing book, "Marketing My Words - a writers guide to bestselling book promotion", is finally available. 

I did this book mostly for my blog followers who have asked me to put my posts and interviews and tips - all into one easy guide. It comprises revised marketing posts as well as brand new articles and topics. It also includes over 20 interviews from the industry's top agents, editors, and authors. (thank you to all of them for granting permission ;)

The book covers basics of branding, online marketing, social networking, and how to create a marketing strategy from scratch. It is available Kindle and Nook. It will also be available in paperback in a couple days for those who like to have references on hand at their desk.

This is not pages and pages of marketing theory. This is an easy guide - specifically for writers - on how they can get started on their own marketing. In this industry, writers are expected to wear more than a writers hat.

Barnes and Noble (should be up soon)

Hope you like it!


When I sat down about 6 months ago to write Uncontrollable, I must say I was not looking forward to getting into it. You see Untraceable took me three years and over 10 revisions to get to where it is today.

This time - I did it differently. This time I spent time plotting. Then went on a week retreat to focus on my book 24/7. It is amazing what you can get done 1) without kids and 2) when there is nothing pulling away your attention (laundry, cooking, pta, kids, dr appts). It was one long week, writing 12 hour days. Awesome!

And if I do say so myself - I came out of that a great draft. I've sent it off to 4 beta readers over the last few months and besides some cleaning up and expanding out points, the plot was solid. Now, as I sit in final edits before it goes off to copyeditors, I've realized how much further I have come as a writer.

What took me three years before has taken me less than a year. But more importantly, my first draft was 50% there. The characters, the plot, and the setting all fell into place. Now granted, this could be because (1) it is a series so I know Grace's voice and who she is (2) I'm a better writer that I was 5 years ago when I started Untraceable or 3) just pure luck.

But I did sit down and plot this book out from the beginning. Now, I was always the one who didn't want to outline. To be creative and take it as it comes. But looking back, I think my plot paid for it which forced my book through major rewrites - which in turn make me sick of that book by the time it was on submission with my agent.

Now as i wrap up this book to move onto the next, I am loving how this book turned out. It's very tedious in this final round especially in a mystery/thriller, making sure there are no lose ends but I think this was a much easier writing process and I must say - I enjoyed it much more than I did with my other books.

I look forward to writing more now that I think I have found a system that works for me.

You can read a sneak peek of Uncontrollable or add it to your Goodreads. Releasing on Sept 24th!

What works for you? Any special tricks? Are you a plotser or pantser?

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Anna Staniszewski said...

I had almost this exact writing experience with UnFairy Book 1 vs. UnFairy Book 2. The first took me four years to write. The second took closer to four months. But I also outlined the second book (and am working on outlining the third book right now) whereas the first was a formless mess for a very long time. :-)

Natalie Aguirre said...

Excited for your marketing book. That's awesome you found what works for you. I tend to plot the key points and fill in as I go. This first draft is going slow, slow, slow even knowing where it's going.

Jemi Fraser said...

I've always wanted to be a plotter, but it doesn't come naturally. I bought myself Scrivener to try with this new wip & it's helping me. I'm still not really plotting, but with the character bios and locations notes, I have a lot more information before I start. So far I like it!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your process with your sequel. Plotting really makes a big difference!

And thanks so much for Marketing Your Words! SO much FAB info!

I'm dedicating a post to your book next Friday (8/15) on my blog.

Unknown said...

Precisely my experience writing Clockwise verses Clockwiser. I'm happy to have learned efficiency while creating.

cleemckenzie said...

Great news on your book. Here's to some super success with it. I have no doubt people will want to read it!

cleemckenzie said...

p.s. I'll add Uncontrollable to my Goodreads TBR. :-)

Catherine Stine said...

I've become a plotter for sure, for the same reasons you discovered! Your indie pub tips book sounds great. I may grab a copy for myself and I will recommend it to others.
Catherine Stine’s Idea City