3 S.R. Johannes: Marketing channels that work!

Friday, February 01, 2013

Marketing channels that work!

They are so many places to try and push your book but which ones are worth the money.

You will have to put some money into advertising - you just need to figure out what your budget is.

I wanted to give you guys a few insights to some marketing channels that have worked for me that are very affordable.

1 - Pixel of Ink - Great for boost in sale or increasing free downloads. Unfortunately they do not take paid sponsorships anymore. But if you ever have a free book, let them know on their web site. They have a wonderful following of readers and are very supportive of Indie Books. It's hard to get air time but if you do, it can make a HUGE difference.  They rock.

2 - Kindle Nation Daily - Great for increase in rankings. They have very affordable sponsorships that have always impacted ranking as well as sales. Depending on how much you spend, will depend on if you earn your money back. It's a great way to climb the charts though. The triple play has always worked for me the best.

3 - Kindle Fire Department  - Great for awareness and ranking boost. They are very affordable and really growing as a channel.

4 - BookBub - Great for sales and ranking boost. Again, you can purchase spots from affordable to expensive. You can also choose spots based on your target audience. I think this tends to work better for adult romance and thrillers as opposed to YA though.

5 - WLC - Great for awareness. Especially for adult books. I'm not sure young adult or children's books get as much benefit. But the community is awesome and the tweet parties are fun.

6 - ENT - Great for increasing rankings and sales. It is hard to get a sponsorship because they sell out quickly but they do list bargain books or free books.

7 - Digital Book Today- Great for awareness and

8 - Goodreads Giveaways - Great for getting your book added to

9 - Book Blasts with Bloggers - Great for awareness and exposure. These are awesome! I love Kathy at I am a Reader not a Writer. She does great author events and book blasts. They are very effective in increasing your social media and presence.

10 List of free sites - Great to report free books for exposure.  Bibliocrunch has a full list with links

Do you have any other sites that work well? What sites do you use to promote your book? What sites do you look at to find a book?


Natalie Aguirre said...

I don't know any, sorry. I think giveaways with any interviews/guest posts garner more interest. Goodreads and the Book Blast sound good for traditionally published authors too.

middle grade ninja said...

I promote books at my blog every week. I don't have one to promote myself yet, but I help other writers. So there's one spot...

Jemi Fraser said...

Those are great - I've found a few new authors to read through the goodreads giveaways :)

Sandra Ulbrich Almazan said...

Thanks so much for posting this!

Angela Brown said...

I've used ENT and Pixel of Ink for freebies with my novel and it was great. Got some pretty decent download numbers. Well, to me, anything more than 500 downloads for a free day is GREAT!