3 S.R. Johannes: What moms really want for Mother's Day!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

What moms really want for Mother's Day!

Things almost every mother wants for Mother's day but never asks :)

1) Catching Zs. I miss the days of lying in bed late with the sun streaming through my bedroom. Getting up and having lunch. IN order to do this - Kids need to be removed from house.

2) Breakfast in bed. - I'd love to not have to make someone's breakfast. Maybe lie in bed reading, awaiting coffee, eggs with cheese, strawberries and scones. Then more coffee with extra cream. I'd love to eat it in one sitting too. Like not having to stop and get up to get something for someone. To sit and eat in peace.

3) Spa Day. Massage, mani/pedi. Need I say more. If chocolate or cupcakes were involved - it would be awesome!

4) Shopping without kids. Hey I'm not picky. This could even be grocery shopping, running errands, browsing bookstores or hitting up Target without kids in tow asking for every item on every shelf.

5) Homemade Gifts. Not socks or underwear. Not even an organizer b/c that says I'm not organized. Maybe just homemade items. Those are the best. The kind that dad helps them do on a rainy day - in advance of course - not day of.

6) Night out. This can be with girls or a date night. But I'd love a night out on town. Babysitter planned, reservations made. For me to just show up and drink margaritas or martinis.

7) A Ban on Bickering. For the kids to start bickering about who's bossing who or how hit who. What belongs to who, what TV show to watch. Just happy kids with smiles and bells on.

8) Child Labor. A day of the kids and hubby completing the following tasks -
cleaning toilet seats
boxing up winter clothes and pack away in closet
organizing closet
going through old toys and cleaning out rooms/play room
cleaning out under seats in car

any will do!

9) Jewelry. Those earrings I've been eying but would never buy myself :) (by hubby or child)

10) Compliments galore - nothing short of:

"You're the best mom"
"Thanks for cleaning my underwear."
"I wouldn't trade you in for chocolate or toys."
"What would I do without you."

The top 5 things no mother wants to hear on Mother's Day

1) "I have tee time at noon."

2) "You look great for having 2 kids."

3) "We're out of coffee."

4) "I thought you'd want a new vacuum cleaner. And it was on sale."

5) "Lets just grab MacDonalds."

That's not too much to ask for - right? :)


Lydia Kang said...

Yes, x10!!! You totally nailed this list. :)

It was great meeting you (finally) at RT!

Jemi Fraser said...

This is perfect!!! :)