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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Indie Publishing

Indie Publishing Fun 

So I went scrounging around on the internet and found a few articles that answer some FAQs about Indie Publishing. They're awesome and quick reads that shed a little light on the Indie world, and thought that they might make for a good post! Here they are: 

1. Self-Publishing FAQ with Sarra Cannon

This is an awesome, technical article that answers some frequently asked Indie questions. Super helpful!

2. My Self-Publishing Journey: On Becoming an Indie Author

This article from Publisher's Weekly is a really cool story about one author's self-publishing journey.

3. Indie Publishing, Independent Publishing

This article from Abbott Press gives a few good pros of going Indie! 

So there are a few articles about Indie Publishing! There are tons of good resources out there that go into detail about the Indie world, and these are just a few short blurbs about it.

Best and happy reading! 


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