3 S.R. Johannes: Social Media Tips and Why They Work

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Social Media Tips and Why They Work

Social Media Tips and Why They Work

- with Ashley 

Lately I've been taking an online social media course with the Social Media Academy, and I must say, it is super helpful! The modules go into different aspects of social media management, audience outreach, campaigns, and strategies. So, in order to spread some of this knowledge, I've posted some of the notes I found most helpful below. I hope they're useful! 

* Three of the Most Important Values to Remember in Social Media: 

1) Creativity
2) Interaction
3) Leadership

Without creativity, interaction, and leadership, your social media strategy will not succeed. Creativity will bring your audience in, interaction will keep them, and leadership will gain their trust. 

* Flexibility and Evolution is Key

If you can remain flexible and evolve with the "social media times," if you will, then you can bend to your audience and keep them happy. You must remain on top of your game and change with the changing industry in order to keep your followers and likes. 

* Remember to Measure Your Success

Measurement and social media metrics are super important to your strategy! Implement tools such as TweetDeck and TweetReach in order to see who you are reaching and what they like. Different values you can measure are: 

1) Reach
2) Engagement 
3) Acquisition 
4) Conversion 
5) Influence

So there are a few notes that helped me immensely! You can find all of these awesome ideas on the Social Media Academy, and it is a great way to get high quality social media training quickly. 

All the best!



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