3 S.R. Johannes: Finding Your Inner "her"o

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Finding Your Inner "her"o

I heard a talk to today about heroes. (and no not the tv show! though it is fantastic!)

What is a hero?

I think along time ago - heroes wore capes and had crusades. No one knew their real identity, they just valued their fight to crime.

Really - I always found them disturbing and had many questions:

First of all - Do they REALLY make people feel safe? Call me crazy - but if I saw someone in a mask and cape running down the streets pf Atlanta in colored tights, I would definitely NOT feel safe and more importantly, I would question their sanity.

Secondly - Is there identity really not known or are those towns just stupid? I don't know about you all but I could ALWAYS and EASILY tell that Clark Kent was Superman, that Bruce Wayne was Batman, and that Tobie was Spiderman. Come on people! Are we really to believe that a small eye mask covers up a true identity?

But most importantly, I used to always wonder why did people feel the need to believe in fake heroes? Real heroes walk around every day among us and we don't take 1 minute to say hello.

The "Official Definition
Beyond the cape and super powers. Here's what I found:

1) A person noted for feats of courage or nobility of purpose, especially one who has risked or sacrificed his or her life.
2) the male character in a story, play, film, etc (MALE?! Why not female?)
3) an object of extreme admiration and devotion.
4) the bread or roll used in making a hero sandwich. (Ha, this was just to be sure you were paying attention :)

I have to mention this - not to be feminist - but why are most of the definitions about men?

I mean the root word of hero is "her" - am I right ladies? ;)

Who are my heroes?

Well - I can say - they do not wear a cape. They do not stop crime. They do not have superpowers. And, they do not hide behind masks.

Here are a few that popped into my mind this morning: (Don't worry I am not going to say Oprah or Mother Theresa - though I think they are fabulous!)

Likely Heroes

  • Al Gore - not the political Al Gore, the noble peace prize Al Gore. I am an independent so this is not a political statement, but I admire the work he has done to bring attention to the environment. I mean a few years ago - this VP was kind of a joke, right?. But now - he is the one of the few people making a difference environmentally and in our awareness.

Lesson - We as humans are unconsciously wasteful and unaware.

  • Randy Pausch - Most of you may know him as the "Last Lecturer". He recently past away from a long battle with Pancreatic cancer. Here you have a man who's No. 1 priority is to leave a big legacy so that his kids remember him and his family is taken care of. For years, he was faced with knowing he was going to die, yet he sucked up his pain and fear and sorrow everyday to be sure he gave his absolute best to his family - he laughed, played with his kids, and lived him life with total unselfish grace (which is more than most people do when they are healthy.)

Lesson - live your childhood dreams and celebrate life as opposed to just getting by. Also - don't let the flu get you down.

  • Ingrid Betancourt - To be taken hostage, away from your kids, and stuck in a jungle for 6 years fighting abuse, famine, disease, and sorrow. Then when rescued, she still manages to come home full or love, strength, spunk, and gratitude? Amazing.

Lesson - the human spirit is an amazing thing.

  • Dali Lama - a little cliched but again not a religion statement. But - to me - he totally represents peace, he lives peacefully, and gives his life to helps others be peaceful. And, he just makes me smile whenever I see or hear him. He's just so cute!

Lesson - You cannot have true peace (in the world or in your heart) if you value your ego more.

Unlikely Heroes

  • My mom - who drops everything to help me when my dog dies, my hubby is out of town, i get a rejection, or I have the flu.

Lesson - A mother's love is special.

  • My hubby - who gives me time to write, believes in me (with no actual proof), lets me sleep in on sat mornings (as late as I want), goes out late to buy me MMs when I am writing, and still tells me I am beautiful (even when I am at my worse, like 10 min after a c-section!)

Lesson - a hubby's love can be unconditional!

  • The ladies who do my hair and mani/pedis - for hiding things I will not mention and making me feel human - woman again.

Lesson - Behind every woman is a team of people!

  • My friends - who tell me the truth no matter what which helps me be a better person. Also for listening to my rants and raves when I am in "a mood".

Lesson - friends show you the lessons

  • My kids - for showing me the beautiful things in life, giggles, worms, rainbows, snuggles. And always managing to put a smile on my face.

Lesson - Life can be simple.

So - what about my own "inner 'HER'o"?

I certainly have not been feeling that inner "HER"o lately with my writing. But I came across a quote that touched me:

"It is overcoming surmounting difficulties that makes us all heroes."

Well then.... I guess I am on my way!


Sandi said...

randy pausch touched me as well; saw his last lecture and saw the interview with his wife - she is truly a "her"o as well.

Was touched that you mentioned me; all moms always live through their children, no matter how old they get. I know that you will accomplish your dream - it may just take a little longer than you thought. Keep believing in yourself. Love, Mom

Carrie Harris said...

How cute this is. And to have your mom comment on it is even better.

My first book is about superheroes, so I've thought about this more than any person has a right to. :) But I really like the idea of looking at what a real world hero is like, and making sure that the girls get their due too!