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Friday, August 22, 2008

A Terrific T

I love shirts with messages on them.

I have about 5. Peace, be kind etc.

I don't wear them to preach to others, I wear them for myself. To remind me.

One of my favorite ones is a chocolate brown shirt that says "live mindfully".

I wore it today and went to Borders for my writing group. As I was waiting for my "galz", a lady walks up to me and says: "excuse me where did you get your shirt."

Me: "I'm sorry, what?" I am baffled thinking "this is kinda random", let alone unusual.

LADY: "Your shirt. Where did you get it?

I look down, forgetful of the garb I threw on in the 2 inutes I had to myself as Thomas the Train once again keeps my kids occupied so I can pee and dress in peace. "I think at my yoga place."

LADY: "Can I check your tag?"

Me: "Uh, sure I guess." What do you say to that? Can you say no? I mean, I really just wanted to enjoy my coffee and muffin.

LADY: She finishes checking my tag and says "I love it."

Me: "Thanks, I have a few. I like them alot. Keeps me in check."

LADY: "I really need to live midfully."

Me I think (thanks for sharing) but say "you just did."

LADY: "What do you know? I'll be thinking of that today" and walks away.

Boom - I touch someone's life.

Isn't it amazing how we can touch people in the simplest ways? Makes me wonder of all the ways we touch lives in larger ways and don't even know it. Woudn't it be cool to know those things. Who you touch positively and who you touch negatively. I think I would want to know.

To think my fashion sense (stemmed from my need to be casual, yet comfy.) touched one person today. I didn't even plan it.

Isnt the world cool?

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Carrie Harris said...

How cool! I have a shirt that says, "I do bad things" in rhinestones. My husband has one that says, "Part time doctor, full time ninja." We make a really interesting couple. :)