3 S.R. Johannes: Here come the Halloween Crazies!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Here come the Halloween Crazies!

I am starting to wonder - where is the line between sane and crazy?

Everyday I come across behavior that seems slightly off.

Whether it be a racial slur, a speeding car through a crosswalk, a man talking to an invisible dog on a leash, or parents letting their kids be out of control.

These are minor oddities, but today I am reminded that things can get weirder when you least expect them.

A man down the street from us loves holidays. He decorates his house for every major holiday. In addition, the man stands outside his house on every holiday - and I mean every major - and dresses up as something. It has become a icon house that everyone drives by. Parents wondering "what will he be today?" while the kids squeal in delight. Whether it be a groundhog, turkey, snowman, or pumpkin - the guy gets decked out and entertains many.

  • Last Thanksgiving - he dressed as a turkey and actually sat on a huge nest - a 6x6 nest made of real sticks/logs.
  • Last Christmas - he dressed as Santa and sat in a rocking chair playing Christmas music.
  • Easter - he donned a large bunny costume and hopped across the yard - back and forth

I have always thought it was cute that someone was so enthusiastic. But every year, when Halloween rolls around - things get crazy at the old man's house.

But now....it's Halloween and all the crazies start coming out.

I drove by today with my kids and this year he is a bigfoot/gorilla hybrid. But not a fun happy gorilla - but a gorilla that chases your car.

Ok - so I am kinda scared!

I've noticed a pattern with this dude at Halloween.Last year, he was a really scary witch that stood on his porch turning on and off a flashlight. The year before that, he was the grim reaper chasing people down the street. Is he crazy or is it just the full moon? It seems pretty harmless the other months of the year but October gets sketchy.

I obviously cannot go down the street for fear of being attacked by an overenthusiastic middle-aged bigfoot/gorilla hybrid. Not to mention - the permanent scars of crazed gorillas on my children's psyche.

Beyond that - i am left with the question. Why does Halloween bring out the crazies? Are they always that way but when they gets masks on - they think they can just let loose? Are they really crazy, going crazy, or just acting crazy?

Either way - I am not a huge fan of Halloween. I think the crazies use it as an excuse to be real without being known.

Oct 21 - update

the gorilla/bigfoot hybrid now sits on a chair as if being electrocuted! Stay tuned!


Unknown said...

This really made me laugh. I was picturing you looking at the gorilla man while he chases you down the road. Do you 1/2 laugh and drive in fear or do you scream while driving away from him. This guy is scary!

The turkey sitting on the nest is too funny though but the fake electrocution is FREAKY!!!!

Carrie Harris said...

I ADORE Halloween, but I also think that whatever you do needs to not scare the bleep out of the little kids. I would really like to do a zombie display out in front of my house, but then my kids would be afraid to come home, so I restrain myself. Bring out that scary stuff late at night when the little kiddos are in bed, and I'm all for it, though!

Anonymous said...

Ha! Reading this post made me laugh. You said to 'stay tuned' on the gorilla/bigfoot hybrid guy sittin on a chair as if being electrocuted...So what happened? Where's the update? I don't really care so much about what that guy did, but the way you tell it is bound to offer mucho laughs...