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Sunday, October 26, 2008

What a Week it Was...

Whew! I am coming up for air. That's why I haven't posted all week.

I have had the busiest week!

Not only with work - doing PR and Marketing all week. But furnace went out. Stove went out. Toilet is not working right. And both kids were sick all week. My poor hubby was sick too (and he never gets sick) and he had to take care of the kids all week while I was working. Even though I wasn't necessary home to handle everything, making calls and such while working is exhausting.

And I know how hard that it when you feel like muck. I had a small cold, but managed to OD on airborne just in the nick of time.

Today, hubby (who is still still sick :( ) and I took both kids to a pumpkin patch - it was fun! It was beautiful outside, a gorgeous day. They had hayrides and baby cows (which I was excited about) and even a Turkey ( I gave him his last . My little one was more enthralled with the tractors, than the animals or pumpkins. It was a good family day - we don't get much of those with my schedule of working.

Came home to find agent requests for my finished book!! Yippee!! What a nice surprise! What's even more exciting is I got a request for full (and other lead) within one day of my query! What?? And they requested it over email, which I never even knew agents did. I am reveling in the fact that I got such nice and speedy responses.

So something for me to celebrate after a long week.

I feel good about it all.

I feel like if you have a good book. Then, when things are supposed to happen, they'll happen. I can't control it any more. I'm just trying to enjoy the whole process and I am!!!

I think it's kinda like sending your kid off to college. You don't want to worry for the 18 years they are will you. What a waste. You want to enjoy them, do your best, and prepare them for the day they go off and do their own things. You just have to hope by the time they leave, you helped them be the best they can be. (And I know this how? I don't . My kids are all under 4 :) Just channeling wisdom! :)

So, Grace has left the building. For now.

But don't worry, she'll be back.

I've already written the first chapter of my second book, A Blazing Grace. Finish one, start another. That's my motto. Writers just can't seem to stop writing. Even if we can, we don't. I love it too much. Love writing and am loving the process around it.

So now, my little baby, Grace is out flying around the big, mad world of publishing. Ironically, I just found/bought a new shirt that I thought would be perfect tie-in someday (my marketing mind is already at work) . My book is YA thriller, my characters name is Grace, and the t-shirt says Grace Kicks Ass. Oops sorry, the bleeper is off tonight. He'll be back tomnorrow>

Although, I think it'd be cuter and more appropriate for teens if it said: Grace kicks butt! (and she does!!) I have already had tons of compliments on the shirt, along with a few snickers and jeers as well.

Oh well, you can't please everyone!

I'll be back for Marketing Monday tomorrow!

Right now, I'm going to celebrate my little milestone with a beer.

Beer of preference? Sam Adams Winter Lager. :)

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Carrie Harris said...

That shirt sounds hilariously cool. Although really, your title is what I'd want on a shirt. I think it's quite clever. :)