3 S.R. Johannes: Time to Give Back!

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Time to Give Back!

1) Body Finder Contest Winner

The Winner of the Body Finder swag and signed book is.....

Denise Madness

Denise, please email me your address by sat am or I'll need to choose another name :)


2) Do The Right Thing For Nashville.
My blogger buddies: Amanda Morgan, Myra McEntire, and Victoria Schwab have started Do The Write Thing For Nashville with the hopes of raising money for Nashville Flood Victiom.

This group is currently throwing an auction and all the money goes to Metro Nashville Response Fun. You can still donate items or go to bid on items for a good cause.

I have donated a marketing package so go over and bid on it or many items they have received from editors, agents, and authors.

As you know Nashville was tore up this last week by a sudden dump of 14 inches of rain. Its an interior Katrina situation. People without homes, fatalities, families tore apart, and homes gone.

3) A Mom's Tragedy.
I heard a story about about Sherry Quall, a mom in Nashville who lost her husband and daughter within a matter of seconds. The flood just swept them out of their yard. The husband risked his life to save his kids. He saved the son, but wasn't able to save his daughter - or himself. They both lost their lives. Sherry has her son, but she lost her family and her home in a matter of minutes. Everything.

Guys, can you imagine losing your child, husband and home? It broke my heart. I found out there is a fund set up at First Bank in Linden. The public can mail donations to:

First Bank/The Bobby Qualls Fund
120 West Main Street
Linden, TN 37096

4) Glee. Oh Glee. I was a bit disappointed with Glee this week. And that is hard for me to say because I LOVE GLEE. But I felt this week they took it too far. I feel like the episode made fun of bullying and cyberbullying which I do not find funny. With everything going on in the US with these two topics, I think it was irresponsible to make light of either one. Kids are committing suicide over bullying and cyberbullying. We should bring attention to it - not make fun of it. Needless to say, I was disappointed. If you want to get more involved, Carrie Jones (author of Need) and Megan Kelly Hall (author of Sisters of Misery) have started a YA Authors against Bullying

So if you have anything to give, give back something to one of these organizations for a good cause. And count your blessings.


Patti said...

Having had a son be bullied, I totally agree with your take on it. It's a serious matter and not to be taken lightly.

Candyland said...

The story of the girl and her father brought tears. I can't imagine losing your family in mere seconds. I ache for them.

Tricia J. O'Brien said...

Thanks for posting about these important matters, Shelli. I didn't see that episode of Glee, but I agree that bullying is not funny. I don't expect television sit-coms or dramas to deliver sermons. They are entertainment, but they should show social responsibility, which means you don't make light of serious topics without showing why that is unacceptable.

Carolyn V. said...

Thank you so much for posting the address for us to help. That just breaks my heart!

Christine Fonseca said...

Yes, yes, and YES! Thanks Shelli!

Janet Johnson said...

Wow, that poor mom. Kindof puts our own little worries in perspective.

Thanks for sharing!

Shannon O'Donnell said...

So much of great importance here today, Shelli. Thank you for the info and for the nudge to help. It could be any one of us. So sad.

Ann Marie Wraight said...

I totally agree with you Shelli.

That's pretty heavy stuff going on out there in the jungle. I cried yesterday when I came home from work and learnt that 3 people had been killed as a result of a molotov cocktail being thrown into an Athens bank. One of the victims was a 4 month pregnant woman. My sister in law knew her. You just want to ask WHY?

Congrats to winner! At least something positive.

Jemi Fraser said...

My heart breaks for those poor people in Nashville. The Red Cross here was more than happy to take our donations to send their way.

Bullying and cyberbullying are very real and need to be treated seriously. As a teacher I've seen far too many kids devastated by these things. Good post!

Kelly H-Y said...

Wonderful, important post. And ... the story about the mom ... I can't imagine ... it breaks my heart. And, the bullying ... it's become unimaginable. Important post ... thank you!

Kimbra Kasch said...

Wonderful idea to give back :)

Gail said...

Such an important post Shelli. I was bullied as a child for 2 years- so difficult. It made me that much more aware of students in my class being a bully.

Sherrie Petersen said...

I can't imagine what that mom must be going through. What a horrible Mother's Day she's going to have. Thanks for these links, Shelli.