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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pay it Forward - Awards

Comment today and win a few ebooks: You, Guys Read, The Ivy, and Paranormalcy.

First - I want to apologize that I am not able to visit everyone as much as I used to :( At almost 1,000 followers, you can imagine how hard it is.Though I cant help but feel like I'm missing out on catching up to all of you. Like the friends you don't see but want to. However, please know that I respond to everyone that comments on my blog and usually try and visit your blog as well . So if you want to be better blogger buddies, leave me a comment so I can come visit! :)

This post is long overdue and these people probably hate me because I never even publicly said thank you for the wonderful awards.

Over the last several months - Ive gotten some frawesome (freaking awesome) and very thoughtful awards that I never passed forward or even posted about. But I did keep them all in a folder so today is about you.

I'm spreading the love....if you guys are not following these blogs - you are truly missing out!

General Rules - pass on each award to 5 bloggers forward, link back to giver of the award, and let your awardees know you gave them an award.

The Susquehanna Writers - The Circle of Friends Award

I am awarding this to all 990 of my followers/friends/BFFs! Thanks for signing up for my blog and dropping by. It means alot to me. Plus I want to include everyone who has been so nice to me and who deserves an award.

Elizabeth Ash - The Lovely Blog Award
I'm giving this to some of my Bookanista Buddies.

Michelle Hodkin
Carolina Valdez Miller
Shannon Messenger
Christine Fonseca
Jamie Harrington

Rebecca Knight - The Silver Lining Award
This award is for those who are there online when I need to stay "hopeful".

Jen Hayley
Shana Silver
Gretchen McNeil
Natalie Whipple
Corey Schwartz

Catherine Denton and Danyelle Leafty - The Over the Top Award
Other blogs I love...

Christina Farley
Caroline by line
Christina Lee
Heidi Willis
Jessie Oliveros
Kelly Hy
Kelly Polark
Natalie Bahm

Jemi Fraser - From Me to You Award
This award I'm giving to a few bloggers who take time to comment all the time.

LJ Boldyrev
Dorothy Dreyer
Natalie Aguirre (who doesn't have a blog yet :(
Riv Re
Adventures in children's Publishing

Cheree - Honest Scrap Award
This award goes to some of the most honest people I know.

Little Ms J
Veronica Roth
Tess Hilmo
Kiersten White
Stephanie Perkins

Pamela - Humane Award
This award is to honor certain bloggers that are kindhearted individuals. I'm giving it to the 3 girls who ran Do It Write for Nashville and raised over $75,000 for flood victims.

Myra McEntire
Mandy Morgan
Victoria Schwab

Laurie - The Sunshine award.
This award is for blogs/people that always makes me smile.

Kristin Tubb
Jennifer Jabaley
Jess Jordon
Sherri Petersen

Ms J - Blogger Buddy award
To my bestest Blogger Buddies and people I lean on a little - ok a lot when things get tough! How I love you - I can count the ways.

Katie & SF

Joanne and Jessie - The Versatile Blog Award
For the blogs that cover a variety of different (great) topics.

Georgia McBride
Casey McCormick
Susan Mills

Thanks to everyone! :)


Danyelle L. said...

Congrats on all your awards, and thanks! I hope you have a great one!

Renae said...

Congrats on all the well deserved awards!

Unknown said...

Congrats on all your awesome awards, Shelli -- and on having so many wonderful followers!

Fellow Atlanta resident, Zoe Courtman (No Letters On My Keyboard) is orchestrating a GA writer/bloggers get-together, some time in August. Her post explaining the idea and open invitation is HERE. If you're interested, let me know!

((hugs)) Nicole

Gail said...

Wow! Isn't it great to be so loved!!! You are always so supportive of other bloggers and writers, Shelli. Those of us still unagented and unpublished see you as a role model and mentor (even if you are younger than me!!!)

See you next week in LA!

Martina Boone said...

Thanks Shelli! We love stopping by. Blogging is hard to keep up with. We're glad to know our visits to your blog are appreciated, but the pleasure is ours! Thanks for all you do. Oh, and Nice and Mean arrived today! Thanks so much again!

Martina & Marissa

lora96 said...

Awesome awards! I just find it fascinating that you know how to post the awards in the margin of your blog...I'm still in the remedial stages of type + post. :)

I impress very easily.

Jemi Fraser said...

Congrats on all the awards Shelli - and don't worry - no one could ever be mad at you! You're too sweet!

I have a had time keeping up with 250 blogs, don't know how you'd even think about doing that for 990!!

Erika Powell said...

congrats on all the awards, there is nothing better than blogger love!

Cambria Dillon said...

Congrats! Is it ok to admit I have button envy? (And this totally takes me back to when everyone in grade school used to collect glittery stickers and neon-colored erasers...to which my mom used to hand me the regular old rubbery erasers like *that* would make me cool!)

Riv Re said...

Congrats and thanks sooo much! This is my first award EVER!!! I'm bouncing up and down in my seat from happiness!
I'm going to bounce along to my blog to share the good news!

throuthehaze said...

Wow! Lots of awards :) Congrats!

Larissa said...

Congrats on the fun awards! :)

And I know what you mean about commenting. It can be overwhelming. Your replies are appreciated, though. Hugs!

Shalonda said...

Congratulations! These awards are very much deserved. It is so easy to see how hard you work and you've got a wonderful personality that shows in your posts!

P.S. Jennifer Jabaley makes me smile too! I think it is because she is so bubbly and has such a warm smile.

Shalonda said...
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Unknown said...

Look at you, all award-filled. Richly deserved, of course! I really enjoy your posts, even if I am absolutely terrible at leaving comments. But, hey, look at me--here's a comment for you! :)

Tess said...

Holy Blog-award-mania, that's a lot of awards! Thanks, Shelli. I want you to know I peek here often, even if I don't chat as much as I'd like. Hope all is well w/ you :D

Lacey J Edwards said...

Aw! Thank you, Shelli! <3

Kelly H-Y said...

Congrats to you on all the fabulous awards! And, thank you so much for bestowing me with an award ... you've made my day!! :-)

John Sankovich said...

I will have to check out some of the blogs you posted, as I don't follow them all, but congrats to Rebecca as I follow her blog as well.

Katie Anderson said...

Wow. You are one popular gal! Thank you so much for the award!!! I am honored beyond words :)))

Sara {Rhapsody and Chaos} said...

Okay, frawesome? One of my new favorite words ever =)

Congrats on all the awards!

Suzanne Young said...

Aw, thank you thank you! Your blog rocks socks because you give us all some serious knowledge. I love stopping by!


Casey McCormick said...

Thanks Shelli! Looking forward to meeting you too. : )

Caroline Starr Rose said...

Thank you for the award! I am impressed that you are able to keep up with awards at all, you blogger with 900+ followers, you!

I am terrible at passing these on, but will happily take what's offered! ;)

All the best,

Shana Silver said...

Awww, you are too cute. Thanks so much for the award!


Heidi Willis said...

Thanks so much for the award! I don't know how you keep up! I'm still way behind in these! :)

Congrats on all the love shown you. You have a great blog!

Little Ms J said...

Thank you so much! I promise to pay it forward!




Aww, Shelly, you're the best! xoxo

Kristin Tubb said...

Is it ironic that being awarded "The Sunshine Award" made me teary-eyed? :-) Thank you so much, Shelli! You are one amazing woman. I remain in awe.

Amanda Morgan said...

Aw, Shelli, thank you so much! It means a lot!

Hardygirl said...

Wow!!! Award-orama!

Thanks so much and right back atcha!


Tina said...

Congrats on all the awards! I plan on checking out the bloggers listed!

Christine Fonseca said...

Ahh thanks Shelli! You MADE MY DAY!!!

Jennie Englund said...

Great awards for great writers/people!

Virginia S Grenier said...

What a great post and wonderful awards. These are the awards that matter most because they come from the heart.

Carolina M. Valdez Schneider said...

Aw Shelli!! Thank you! What a lovely surprise. Thank you so much for thinking of me for the One Lovely Blog award.

And oh my word, that's a lot of awards! Very cool!! Congratulations on them all. You deserve all of them and more. Terrific books you're giving away, by the way!

Emma Kate "Coops" @ Whats Cracking Coops said...

WOW, There are so many really cute awards out there. Nice and meaningful and sweet :D

Loved this post!

Dorothy Dreyer said...

Aww, thank you, Shelli! You're awesome!

Janet Johnson said...

Lots of fun awards! Congrats to everyone. :) And no worries about not being able to be everywhere . . . this way we know you're human. ;)

Christina Lee said...


I am impressed that you keep them all in a folder *bows head in shame that I can't keep up with my own*

Unknown said...

***hugs*** Thank you, sweetie!!!!! Now, I see some other blogs on there that look like I need to check them out....

CHRISTIE said...

Congratulations on your many awards :)

Christina Farley said...

Congrats on your awards! And thank you! You're blog totally rocks. Always so many great things to learn and discover.

Susan R. Mills said...

Thank you! And congrats to you. Hope you have a great weekend!

Stephanie Perkins said...

Thank you so much, Shelli! I'm honored to get the honesty award. I try. Thanks for noticing. :)

And, hi, congratulations to you, racking all of these up!!

Sherrie Petersen said...

Thanks, Shelli :)
I have a bunch of awards I need to hand out, too. One of these days I'll get to it!

Corey Schwartz said...

Aw, thanks. And CONGRATS! Well-deserved!