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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mockingjay Giveaway!

Just bought Mockingjay (along with most everyone on the planet!) and plan to get off Internet and read it tonight.

And yes, I bought an extra one to give to you just because it's you guys that keep me coming back here and posting every day :)

Here is Suzanne reading the first chapter in Mockingjay

This was an interesting interview with Suzanne Collins on how she came up with the idea for The Hunger Games trilogy.

You can see the whole Borders interview here.

Scholastic also has an interview here.

To be entered in Drawing, you must be a follower of me here and on Twitter. Plus you have to leave a comment telling me:

Are you Team Gale or Team Peeta?

Enter by midnight tonight (PST time, 3 am EST)

Down with the Capitol!


n said...

Team Gale! WOOT!

Jared Larson said...

I'm Team Katniss, since I'm a guy. But Peeta bakes bread and is a stud. Go Peeta!

Darlyn said...

Have to admit I dont read any of the book yet and I just received the first two books copy. But I would absolutely Katniss!

Laurie Lamb said...

Team Peeta! He has gone through so much. Thanks for all the links.

Melissa (i swim for oceans) said...

Team Peeta :)

I'm holding it in my paws and dying at this moment haha such a geek!

Precious said...

I'm a follower of this blog + in twitter (@precious_shusky)

Team Peeta!



Paula said...

Peeta, all the way!!

Lena1xoxo said...

TEAM PEETA FOR THE WIN!!! I love him so hard!

I follow your blog and on twitter (@Lena1xoxo)

Thanks for hosting this! *huggles*


Dorothy Dreyer said...

Team Gale!

But I can totally understand Team Peeta as well.

Note: My answer might change depending on whom they cast in the moives, lol.

theartgirl said...

Team Peeta as of book 2.

Jessica Young said...

Peeta for sure. Who can resist a man who bakes?

Jemi Fraser said...

I still can't decide! I keep flipping back and forth - right at this very moment I'll say Peeta - in 2 minutes it might be Gale. *sigh*

Tricia J. O'Brien said...

oooooo, thx for posting Suzanne reading the first chapter. Now, I really-really-really can't wait for my pre-ordered book to arrive! *looks in mailbox*
Gale. I've always felt they were emotionally mated.

Jessie Oliveros said...

I used to say Peeta, but on the second Catching Fire read I think she loves Gale more. So (sigh) Team Gale.

AND what is with the accent? I mean, there was never any indication that Katniss had a southern accent. I mean, I kind of figured she was from the southeast or northeast what with the forest and the coal mines...but now I'm going to have to reframe my whole Hunger Games reading mode. Oh dear.

Sarah said...

Team Peeta!! I am a follower on twitter and your blog!


Taffy said...

I'm a follower of both!
I've got my copy from the library and will be getting off the computer to read. As soon as I enter your lovely contest and ship the kids off to friends :)


Mrs. DeRaps said...

I'm on Team Gale...He's much more Katniss's style. And he's her homeboy. And I think that I have a small crush on him!

mrsderaps @ hotmail . com

Larissa said...

I follow you EVERYWHERE! #notastalker


I am Team Whoever-Katniss-Chooses.

I get very into the main character's head, so when she's feeling closer to Peeta, I'm Team Peeta. When she's feeling closer to Gale, I'm Team Gale. I have trouble going against the character's feelings. Is that weird?

Kelly Bryson said...

I was a little surprised by the accent also,l though I had pictured the Seam as being in West Virginia and they have a twang up there. And does anyone else think of the Seam folk as being descendants of American Indians? The was Katniss describes her coloring and eyes, that's what I thought.

Anyway, team Gale. Except Katniss and Peeta shared some pretty powerful experiences...no, Gale understands her better. And I have a hard time going against first love.

Jennifer said...

Team Gale!! He's a manly man. I can't wait to get a copy of this book!

Shari Green said...

Team Peeta! :)

Yes, I'm a follower here & on twitter.

Thanks for doing this great giveaway!

C.R. Evers said...

ohhhh! I'm jealous. I'm trying to figure out when I can squeeze in some time to go out and get a copy for myself!


TerryLynnJohnson said...

TEAM GALE!! Though, I'd feel really bad for Peeta.
I'm a follower on both. Great contest.

Kayeleen Hamblin said...

Definitely Team Peeta. He genuinely cares about her. So excited for this last book. MAN!

Gail said...

Team Gale for Gail!!!

throuthehaze said...

I follow here and on twitter @throuthehaze

Team Peeta!

throuthehaze at gmail dot com

Anthony L. Isom said...

Team Peeta!

RAD - Dot Painter said...

I follow your blog! I am just getting on the Hunger Games wagon.

art at racheldillon dot com

CL said...

I don't twitter, but had to leave a comment. Peeta is not an option!! Yes, we love him but Gale is the one who makes my... I mean Katniss' heart really pound. Peeta's like the good guy you should've married, but Gale is super sexy and just plain awesome.
And I thought the Seam was some Appalachian location-- isn't that consistent with mining?

CL said...

And I just Wikipedia-ed Appalachia and found out that term covers an area from the southern part of NY all the way into the deep south.
But my image of the Seam somehow was Western NC or Tennessee.

Kelly H-Y said...

The first chapter sounds intriguing ... I haven't read ANY of them yet (I think I may be the only one!!). :-)

kstine said...

Team Peeta right here. :) Following your blog and your Twitter! (I'm @kstineee there.)


anthy said...
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anthy said...

I now follow you via GFC and via twitter, @my_twitraccount.

...can I be Team Cinna? (I'm not really Team Peeta or Gale, really. I think she'll feel guilty if she chooses either of them.)

Thank you very much for the giveaway!

anthy_stl [ATT] yahoo [DOTT] com

Kerri Cuev said...

Go Gale, Go Gale!!!

OMG I haven't got my copy yet ahhhh! I have to know what is going to happen!!

Anonymous said...

Peeta, Peeta, Peeta all the way! I love him! He'd be perfect for Katniss!
I follow your blog and on twitter @KailiaSage

twilightforever.edward at gmail dot com

RosieC said...

I follow you here and on Twitter (@rosieanabelle).

Team Peeta!

Thanks! :)

Catch My Words said...

I'm going to break up the teams and go for a menage et trois. I like both young men, so why not give her the best of both worlds? Hey this is 2010. Who says she has to pick just one?

Thanks for the contest!


Erica said...

Team Gale



Cass said...

I'm Team Gale. :D

Following blog & twitter @cc9309
Thanks for the fantastical contest!

cc932005 at hotmail dot com

Rebecca Gomez said...

What if I don't tweet? :-(

Well, even if I don't get an entry, I'll still say that I'm Team Peeta all the way!

Reena Jacobs said...

I'm totally team Gale. He's bold.

latishajean said...

I don't know what team I have not read them yet but I hear alot about peete. I heard great things about them so now I have to read them. Thanks for the great giveaway and for the chance:)
Im a follower blog and twitter.
tishajean@ charter.net

Carolina M. Valdez Schneider said...

Oh man oh man, I have to say Gale. Oh why do we have to choose?

Are you done reading it yet? Everyone seems to have flown right through it!

Elana Johnson said...

I'm getting my copy tomorrow! And uh, Team Gale, all the way. :)

mariska said...

I'm Team PEETA ! :)

A follow via GFC and on twitter (@becunique)

uniquas at ymail dot com

Natalie said...

I was team whoever before I read it. Now I'm team Suzanne. :) She's pretty much brilliant.