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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Lucky to be a Writer

I came across this article today about the Oddest Jobs of 2008. And I found it just after talking to friends about how much I love writing but how hard it is.


Looks like my alternatives - at this point - are a Yawn Counter or a Kitty Box Decorator. I'd love to see the job descriptions on this one. And do you get paid by the yawn/by the kitty?

As always, 1,000 questions pop into my mind:

  • How do you even get these jobs?
  • Are they listed on Monster.com?
  • How do you interview for them?
  • What is your career path?
Although after talking to my husband, I realize he has held some crazy jobs in his life. Yes, he is British but I found out he has been a:

  • turkey plucker ( i assume this is not the live ones but I did not ask)
  • newspaper boy (no so bad unless you live in the cold wet lands of Wales?!)
  • marzipan maker (I am more of a chocolate person myself)
  • bathroom cleaner (for an assisted living home! I'll have to remember this one next tim eI have to clean the house. No more bathrooms - Yay!)
  • rock collector (he did get a PHD in Topography - whatever that is :)
What's even crazier is that I find my hubby even cuter for these odd jobs which probably says alot about me - huh?. In addition, I now understand why he is so great with our kids. He obviously can stomach anything. I on the other hand - no so much. I think I have an underdeveloped gag reflex and an overzealous imagination - those 2 DO NOT mix well!

My point? Oh right - my point.

I am more thankful to be a writer. It is a great life. I don't know if I can really call it a "job" yet, but I'm determined to get there.

Maybe now, I'll appreciate the hard times a bit more.


Carrie Harris said...

Your husband the turkey plucker. Why does that make me want to laugh?

I can't talk, though. I've sold shoes and knives and made presentations on Mad Cow disease to old European men.

Janet Johnson said...

How cool is your husband? I bet few people can say they've been a turkey plucker.

And fun post! I love being a writer, too. :D