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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Protected Blog Tour - Cindy Hogan

If you haven't heard about Cindy M. Hogan's novels, today's your lucky day. Her first novel, Watched was featured on Jessie's blog here with a "dream cast" for that novel.

Today we will be highlighting her dream cast for her second book, Protected.

First, a little about Protected

Christy has the guy. The terrorists have been taken care of and she has a shot at becoming popular. Life is great!
Until they find her.
Now she must run and leave behind everything she knows, including herself.

If you love suspense with a dash of romance, you'll love this novel.

Now for the DREAM CAST- are you ready to drool?
John (Paul Walker) Intolerable, pompous trainer we all love to hate, who just happens to be Alex's dad
Mrs. John(Mila Kunis) Alex's mom who has it in for Christy
Christy's mom (Sian Williams) Overprotective mother who believes so much in her daughter that she overlooks her.

Christy's dad (Clive Owen) Overprotective dad that overlooks his obedient, quiet child, Christy
Katie Lee (Christina Ricci) Head Bully of the high school. Mean to her core.

Marion (Lauren Graham) John's facilitator. Makes Christy's life a tad bit better under John's reign
Katy (Sian Williams) Federal Marshall and nanny extraordinaire
Wendy (Lela Rochon) Christy's closest friend on the cheer team

Lillian (Bella Thorne) Cheer captain who makes sure all the cheerleaders follow "the rules"
Matthew (Logan Lerman) The perfect trainable nerdy boyfriend

Cort ( Josh Lucas) Agent who teaches Christy to be a master of disguise

What do you think of that cast? Do you agree with Cindy? If you want a peek at the dream cast from her first novel, Watched, go  to Jessie's blog . Of course Christy, Alex and Rick are there.
To celebrate the release of Protected(3/24)WATCHED, the first book in the series is only $.99!!  You can get them both at Amazon or Barnes & Noble.  You can also find Cindy online on her blog, here, on Facebook or on Twitter.

To continue on with Cindy's blog tour, please check out She's Got the Write Stuff  blog.

Here's what a few people are saying about Protected:

"A suspenseful, romantic, and intriguing novel. Protected is a riveting novel that I couldn’t put down until the very last word." Miriam Barton, author 

"This is one of the very best YA series I have ever read and it's definitely worth picking up."
Kitty Bullard- GMTA Reviewer

"From bullies to terrorists, Christy faces challenge after challenge in this stunning sequel that raises the stakes, both for her safety, and her love-life. A fantastic addition to a series that is sure to catch the hearts of readers." ~Heather McCorkle, author of the Channeler series 
Here's author Cindy M. Hogan's mug

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