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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Autography - Time to have ebook signings!

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Today Tom Waters is here to talk about Autography. He is an author as well as the founder of Autography - an app/site that allows authors to personally sign ebooks for readers.

Hi Tom, tell us about yourself/books!
I'm an author, speaker, and consultant working in the Intelligence Community.  Most of my books have been nonfiction, but a couple of years ago I wrote a mystery/thriller called SECRET SIGNS.  I've recently had a spy novel cleared by CIA review (a requirement as a former employee) and working on a sequel right now.

What is Autography? 

Autography is a digital media firm with a patent pending method for autographing ebooks and other digital media.  We debuted at Book Expo America last year.  We were there again this year supporting eight different authors – from Warren Adler (War of the Roses) to Scaredy Squirrel (yes, a 'real' author).  We sponsored some authors in our booth, others in their publisher's booths, and a few on the big Author Stage.  A really great event this year, especially when fans can get a signed picture of their favorite author as the autograph for their ebook.

What made you start it?

Actually, it was my whining that did it.  An ebook I'd written on the NFL's intelligence operations (game film, scouting reports, etc) had become wildly popular with troops in Afghanistan and Iraq.  The USO invited me to join a tour with a bunch of NCAA football coaches.  I complained to my good friend Robert Barrett (IT executive in the space program) that 'they' could put a man on the moon, but I can't sign my ebook for the troops.  All these coaches would be signing balls, jerseys, and helmets (we took 3 tons of tchotchkes) and I had nothing to sign.  Robert figured out how I could sign copies for the troops with an Apple iPad.  I did 10 days and 20,000 miles across the Middle East.  Incredible trip. 

What benefits do you see for authors using autography?

It gives authors an opportunity to meet with fans anywhere.  I've done ebook signings in Starbucks, hotel bars, festivals, wine tastings – because the system handles all of the transaction responsibilities, the author can just concentrate on interacting with their fans.  We provide the author with all of the information from their signings: date, time, location, and email addresses for everyone they've autographed a book for.  Plus, the fan can export out that signature page to their Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or MySpace page with the touch of a button.  Great marketing for the author/publisher!!

How can an author join?

It's simple.  We need five things from an author:  their epub file, a head shot, book cover image, 2-3 sentence description of the book, and whatever greeting the author wants the fan to see.  The Autography app is available on iTunes and the author needs an Apple iPad to do the signing!!  Once we give you a logon and password, the author is ready to go. 

Provide any more information you would like.

Think about the options available now!  I did an ebook signing in Dublin, Ireland from my home in St Petersburg, Florida via Skype!  I've done ebook signings over Internet radio too.  You can do Ustream, Livecast, or Spreecast events easily and quickly.  Autography support multiple languages and currencies – take your virtual tour global!

For more information, go to their web site

If you would like a signed ebook of Untraceable, let me know at shelli@srjohannes.com and I can send you one. The cost is the same 2.99$ so there's no extra cost to you :)

You can follow Tom and Autography on Pinterest, Twitter, and the web site.


Natalie Aguirre said...

Sounds like an awesome service. What a great idea for e-books. Thanks for sharing it.

Catherine Stine said...

Clever idea! And since so many ebooks are sold now, it's also a practical idea.
Catherine Stine’s Idea City

LTM said...

This is TOO COOL! Thanks for the heads up on this, Shelli! I've had friends wanting a signed copy of my book when it's out, but it'll be ebook only for a while. This is a great resource! Yay! :o) <3