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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Looking for new Intern

My last intern, Kate Tilton is working with BiblioCrunch and busy at school.

So I am looking for a new intern for this year - on the marketing and publishing side.

I would like to have help setting up blog tours, obtain guest posts, prepare book mailings, setting up social media platforms, getting mailings together, drafting newsletters, running street teams and more. (like Pinterest, wattpad and tumblr). You will need Word/Excel skills, be up on social media, and be ok with reaching out to people.

It will be about 10 hours a week and can be remote with weekly phone call meetings.

I can offer a marketing/writing business reference (so if you want to get into publishing or marketing it would be good) and would also provide unlimited advice about marketing, the industry, self pubbing, and writing).

If you are in school/college, I'm happy to talk to a professor about credit. I will need commitment through April - August so it should not interfere with school.

I was going to go to a local college/high school but wanted to give some writers/bloggers a chance to learn the book marketing process and some new social media.

Email me your resume at shelli@srjohannes.com if interested. I can also send a formal job description.


Anonymous said...

Good luck Shelli! :) Let me know if you need anything :)


cleemckenzie said...

Hope you find your new intern. Great idea to post here. I'm sure you'll get a lot of applications for the job.