3 S.R. Johannes: Happy Book Bday to My Sister's Reaper!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Happy Book Bday to My Sister's Reaper!

So excited to help Dorothy release her new book! I've known her along time online and have followed her journey.

My Sister's Reaper releases in print today from Month9Books!

Sixteen-year-old Zadie’s first mistake was telling the boy she liked she could bring her dead sister back to life. Her second mistake was actually doing it.

When Zadie accidentally messes with the Reaper’s Rite that should have claimed her sister Mara, things go horribly wrong. Mara isn’t the same anymore—Zadie isn’t even sure she’s completely human. To top it off, a Reaper is determined to collect Mara's soul. Now Zadie must figure out how to defeat her sister’s Reaper or let Mara die … this time for good.

Here's an excerpt to get you started....

A jumble of sounds suddenly tumbled from my lips—sounds from a language I didn’t recognize. The voice was mine, but the movements of my tongue and teeth were not. My fingers tingled, and the flames from the candles grew warmer. My blood felt electric. Still chanting, I slowly opened my eyes. My three companions stared at me. I stopped, my mouth falling silent.

For a moment, nothing happened. We simply looked at each other, waiting. A chill crept up my neck. In that instant, wind whipped through our circle, making the candles flicker wildly. There was a sound, like plastic scraping wood, and my eyes darted to the Ouija board Naomi had set aside. My body jerked, as if I’d been holding a huge mass of energy inside of me and it had suddenly escaped.

The buzzing and electric feeling were gone. I felt like I was going to throw up. What had I just done?

“It moved,” Naomi said.

“What did?” Danny asked.

“The pointer on the board.”

“No way,” Gavin said. “Where is it pointing?”

We all scrabbled over to look at the board, but the second we reached it, all the candles went out.

To help celebrate, she is doing a giveaway!

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Author Bio

Dorothy Dreyer has always believed in magic. She loves reading, writing, movies, takeout, chocolate,
and spending time with her family and friends. Half-American and half-Filipino, Dorothy lives in Germany with her husband and two teens. Dorothy Dreyer is an author of young adult books. Her debut, MY SISTER'S REAPER, comes out June 18, 2013, from Month9Books. The sequel releases May, 2014.

Find her online!

Author Website: http://dorothydreyer.com


Dorothy Dreyer said...

Thanks so much, Shelli! *big hugs*

Sheena-kay Graham said...

I read about this book on a fellow blogger's site last week and fell in love with the story and the gorgeous cover. I would really love to win a copy so I can experience the book myself. Congrats Dorothy and thanks for sharing this S.J.

Danielle Schneider said...

Paranormal fiction featuring a character who can resurrect the dead? Yes, please!!

S.A. Larsenッ said...

So wonderful for Dorothy! She's my guest later this week!!!

Jessie Harrell said...

I've been hearing such wonderful things about this book -- and who hasn't had a creepy experience with a Ouija board? It's perfect!