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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Unstoppable Official Summer Blog Tour

Unstoppable Official Summer Blog Tour

As you all know, I love bloggers. They have always been so wonderful in supporting me and my books. Here are some great upcoming articles and interviews that you may (or may not :) find interesting. Follow along for some 411 and giveaways!

June 5th - Dorothy Dreyer, We Do Write, Guest Post: "What makes a strong girl in Teen Fiction?"

June 6th - Shannon O'Donnell, Book Dreaming, Guest Post: "Tips on creating a peaceful writing environment." 

June 7th- Huntress (CD Coffelt), Spiritcalled, Guest Post: "Advice for young authors." 

June 10th - Lena Marsteller, I Love Books Club, Review 

June 10th - Heather D Rosdol, Buried in Books, Guest Post: "How to Find Great Indies." 

June 10th- Louisa Paarskmart, Writing Me Crazy, Guest Post: "What makes a good YA protagonist." 

June 13th- Kai Strand, Strands of Thought, Character Interview with Grace

June 16th - Meradeth Houston, Write Stuff, Guest Post: "How Music can help your writing".

June 17th - Lena Marsteller, The I Love Books Club, Guest Post: "How to write a gripping YA thriller." 

June 19th- Kelly Polark, Guest Post: "How Marketing and Writing work together." 

June 20th- Sheila Deeth, Guest Post: "Tips to an Unstoppable Book Release."

June 24th - Annette Mills, Book Review

June 25th- Brooke Bumgardner, Brooke Blogs, Guest Post, "How Nature Can Breathe Life into your Story." 

June 30th - Britney Wyatt,  Living Fictitiously, Guest Post: "A hint of Grace- the animals in her life and why they matter. "

July 3rd- Jamie Johnson, Fantasy Book Chick, Character Interview

July 11 - Page Eberhardt, One Book At A Time, Guest Post: "The Rising Realm of Self Publishing" and Review

Coming Soon

TBD - Liz Ziolkowski, Fictional Candy, http://www.fictionalcandy.com, Review

TBD (Before Xmas)- Sharen Seiple, Bookend Crossing, http://bookendcrossing.blogspot.com/, Interview

TBD- Rachel, Rachel's Book Reviews, http://www.rachelsbookreviews.com, book review 

TBD - (REVIEW) Emily Davis, Goodreads

TBD - Jenna, Avid Reader Musings, Guest Post: "Creating a strong character: what you need to know." 

TBD - Elana Johnson, Elana Johnson, http://elanajohnson.blogspot.com, Guest Post: "Indie blogs and why they're hot." 

If you would like to join in the summer tour, go here! We would love to add you :)

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