3 S.R. Johannes: Music and Writing- A Good Idea?

Monday, December 01, 2014

Music and Writing- A Good Idea?

Music and Writing 

Perhaps you are one of the many that listen to music while you write, be it anything from pop to jazz, rap to country. Well, I'm here to tell you why that may be a good thing, and how it can assist your writing in a major way! Writing can be stressful sometimes, (even though we love it), and the right music can calm us down and stimulate our brains. So here a few reasons why, if music works for you, you can absolutely benefit from it! 

1. The Right Music Can Calm you Down

Sometimes we as writers get a bit worked up over our latest dialogue/character scene. How should we transition into the enacting incident? What about this guy- what does this guy even do? Yeah, we've all been there. But if you have some smooth music in the background, you can tai a minute to chill out and just let your brain have a break. Then, when you get back to writing, you're refreshed!

2. Music is Stimulating

It really is! Studies have shown that certain types of music can light up neurons paths in your brain and stimulate various lobes. Isn't that cool? So if your'e stuck on a certain word or sentence, having a little music in the background may actually help to fill in those gaps. 

3. Music is Fun!

I mean come on, everyone loves music. There are so many varieties and artists out there it's hard not to find one you love! And when you do you're likely to dance around like a crazy person. Now, when you're dance session is over and you sit down at your computer screen, your day's work will feel much more enjoyable. 

There you have it guys! As a writer I know certain type of music definitely benefit me from time to time. Some days I prefer the quiet, though, and that's okay too. So to close out, I'll leave you with a couple of articles on the power music has on the brain (and writing). 


Kelly Polark said...

I'm a huge music lover but usually I cannot listen while I'm writing because I end up singing along! Though I bet instrumental would be okay.

Shelli (srjohannes) said...

Great point! Instrumentals are great too :)

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