3 S.R. Johannes: Marketing Monday - Raising Your MQ

Monday, October 06, 2008

Marketing Monday - Raising Your MQ

I have not blogged since last week and it is already Marketing Monday.

Here are some ideas on how authors can raise their MQ (Marketing IQ) and "Begin Marketing Your Book":

1) Time in = Books Out
If you cannot put 30 minutes in a day on average to promote your book, then you should not expect to sell any. Be sure to document everything you find. Keep a spreadsheet of contacts, places, magazines - any ideas you have to market your book.

2) Web-ify
Always create a web presence. Get a web site up and running. Godaddy offers inexpensive options. You can get a domain, hosting and web site cheaply and get your site up within a couple hrs. Get a web site tonight account which is very user friendly. It walks you through each step on building your own. Start with an AUTHOR web site for you - create a 5-6 page web site - home, books, tour, bio, extra. Be sure you begin thinking about a brand.

3) Smart Brands
Pick a way to brand yourself and create that brand using other materials. Make postcards and biz cards - be sure to think of ways to do them differently, yet professionally. For example: instead of 3 1/2 by 5 postcards, do 6x9. Instead of white biz cards with black type - change it up. Be creative and stick to your brand. Vistaprint.com or iprint.com offers good beginner deals. How can you stand out?

2) Who? Who?
Look for 3-5 different target audiences - different groups that would want your book. Find out how to reach each audience: What magazines do they read? What clubs/groups do they belong to? Conventions? Festivals? Ezines and web sites? School visits and book signings are NOT the only way. They are only one way.

3) Blurb it?
Who are the popular authors in your target audiences. What does their marketing consist of? Can you get a blurb? Look at all sides of your book - non-fiction, fiction etc.

4) Be a Celebrity.
You should know all book store managers - independent especially - before book comes out. Also - what are the local newspapers, magazines, neighborhood newsletters, local events. Talk to local biz owners - tell them you are in the area. People love local celebrities!

5) A Neat little kit
In this you will need a press release - play up some interesting angle, a bio, a professional photo (not the one from your sister's wedding!), and something about your book (postcard, book mark etc), business card.

Follow these and you can create your own Marketing Miracle!

Let me know if you have any questions of topics on marketing or pr that you want me to cover!


Carrie Harris said...

I was also thinking about signed bookplates to put inside sold books. I know a lot of people have used them; do you know if they work?

Anonymous said...

These are all really outstanding suggestions though the ones that seem to challenge me are the ones are more suited for extroverts, like going to conventions/festivals, talking to local biz owners,...just getting OUT there.

Carrie Harris said...

I've decided to start a little spreadsheet of all of the local papers that get delivered to my door. It can't hurt, right?

Thanks for the inspiration!