3 S.R. Johannes: Friday Five - A holiday Version

Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday Five - A holiday Version

Marketing Tip - Follow up
No matter if you are trying to get a press release out, a feature article. an ad placement, a testimonial, a blurb, a speaking engagement, or an interview. Don't expect to get anything with just one contact. You need to follow-up 3-4 times and using different methods. Everyone is busy. Don't assume the answer is No. Assume they are busy and make it easy for them to say ye.

Friday Five

1. My little Angel. My daughter came home saying she had been chosen to be the Arch Angel in her PreK play next week. Then , she said we had to "make" her outfit. What? Can I buy one? What is the definition of "make"? Provide, buy, borrow. I AM NOT crafty. I repeat, I AM NOT Crafty!

2. A Rat Race - I have a rat in my house! Like - IN MY HOUSE. ( I don't know why but a mouse wouldn't sound so bad right?) I have never had a rat in my house. I don't want a rat in my house. But I can't get the rat OUT of my house. Only I could have a picky rat - the real Ratatouille. Who knew rats could be picky. We are trying not to take drastic measures. (you know, respect all sentient beings, animal guides, blah blah blah. But, it wont eat anything off our "humane" trap. It does not like organic peanut butter. I does not prefer pecans. And I CANT CATCH IT! Rats! (Disgusting isn't it?) "It was over. Rat 2, Hubby zip."

3. The Folks - In the next couple of days, my British in-laws are coming to visit for 2.5 weeks. We have not seen them in 2 years which means they have never met my son who is now 18 months. On one hand, I can't wait to see them and I know it will be fun. On the other, it is very hard to not see relatives for 2 years and then be submersed with them for 2.5 weeks. I look forward to the holidays - black pudding and all? (Oh yeah, they will be excited to meet our new pet rat?!)

4. It's OK to Moon Me - Has anyone seen the moon tonight? Evidently, its the biggest full moon of the year because it reaches its closest point to the Earth tonight. Can I get a "howl, howl"?

5. Classic Christmas Humor. I know there are wonderful movies out for the holiday - Its a wonderful life, Miracle on 35th Street. But does anyone love the funny movies as much as I do? Hilarious! We just got down our Christmas movies for the holidays. The Grinch with Jim Carrey, Christmas Story, Christmas Vacation, Christmas Story.

That's my weekend in a nut shell.


Interesting yet Strange!

Can't wait to "plunge into the cornucopia quivering with desire and the ecstasy of unbridled avarice." :)

Have a good weekend!

P.S. I did not want to include it in my Friday Five. But I am sad about the findings in the Caylee Anthony case. My heart goes out to the grandparents and I am horrified at what that little girl went through. I'll say a special prayer for her and her family tonight. Some things in life just don't make sense.

PSS Thank goodness OJ Simpson is finally behind bars. There is a god.


Vivian Mahoney said...

There's a story in this, somehow. Hope you get that rat before your in-laws visit. Have a great weekend!

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Corey Schwartz said...

Ha! I had the same thought as Vivian. I was going to say, "Rat?" There's definitely a picture book there.

Anonymous said...

We get rats in our garage occasionally. Our neighbors abandoned their cat, so she lives in our garage, and my husband leaves the big door open a crack so she can come and go as she pleases. As can anything else that wants her food.

A couple of months ago my husband said, "We've got another rat, and boy is it a big one!" I saw it a few days later. It wasn't a rat, it was a possum. My husband isn't exactly a biologist.