3 S.R. Johannes: Tuesday Thoughts

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tuesday Thoughts

Marketing Tip: A Head Start
  • Start your marketing of your book at least 28 weeks (7 months) before your book hits the shelves. This begins with a marketing plan and target audiences.
  • Never give up your marketing efforts as long a s a book is still in print.
  • Those sales give you a track record in publishing. Do three things every day
Random Thoughts on Rainy Tuesday

1. Can of Worms
Whether you liked Sarah Palin or not, I am afraid she opened a can of worms by running for President. Now, does everyone think they can pretend they have qualifications to run for office.
Now we have Fran Drescher running for a NY state Senate Seat? Seriously?I loved Nanny and all (not!) and was impressed with her fight against cancer. She was on Larry King Live last night announcing "throwing her hat in the ring" with Caroline Kennedy. Oi!

2. Treasure Trove
A green rat believed to be extinct for 11 million years (OI what is it with rats!) , a spider with a foot-long legspan, and a hot pink cyanide-producing "dragon millipede" are among the thousand newly discovered species in the largely unexplored Mekong Delta region. Rock on! This is cool and gives me hope that we can turn this planet around.

3. Shopping Study
Finally I have an excuse to shop. (See hubby, I told you I couldn't help myself!). Basically ladies, we are targeted and lured into shops. (I knew it!) "The entire shopping experience — from packaging design to advertising to merchandising to store design — is generally geared toward the female shopper." Now I know it's called Target and why the logo is a bullseye!

4. Adam Walsh
Ok this story has always fascinated me. It happened in 1981 close to where I lived in Vero Beach, Florida. I was 10 and I remember the case being all over the news. Parents around my little Florida town were scared because they did not catch the perpetrator and batted down the hatches. I remember not being allowed to walk home from school for a while. Which sucked at the time. I even remember hearing my parents talking about the little boy and how his head head was found in a canal. I remember, back then, for the first time understanding that bad people were out there and they preyed on kids. Now, today, they think they have solved the case! 28 years later. Good for science that they can get this guy and that they can get Casey Anthony all based on forensic science. Amazing!

5. Jim Carey - watched him on Larry King. I adore him. he is funny and sweet. I loved the way he talked about how he grew up to be funny. Evidently his mom was sick and he always tried to make her laugh. I was surprised at how open and deep he was. Cant wait to see Yes Man. I had no idea it was based on a true story of a guy who really said Yes to everyone for a year and then wrote a book (of course).


Maggie Stiefvater said...

Okay, I have to admit I'm a complete sucker for those new species articles, so thanks for the link! That striped rabbit . . . weird.

Carrie Harris said...

Jim Carrey is made of awesome.

Just thought I'd let you know that you've inspired me. I'm still pre-sale, but I'm doing three things every day to get my name out there. Of course, those three things are almost always the same thing: comment on blogs, write in my blog, email correspondence with other authors in the interest of networking, but still. It'll all add up in the end.

Anonymous said...

Your suggestion to do 3 marketing things a day? Acck? My first NF came out in 2006 and I have to admit that I haven't done much to push it once the Cleopatra book was picked up. Lots of good excuses for that--as in the publishing company went out of biz, etc.--but I was feeling slightly guilty about that. And now I'm feeling hugely guilty. But I don't know...I joke that the "freshness date" on that book is way expired...

Anonymous said...

If I recall, the Adam Walsh thing happened in Hollywood, FL, which was very close to where I lived. I do remember being big news for a long, long time. I also went to FSU for the first time just months after Ted Bundy had gone one a rampage in Tallahassee, killing several female students. The whole campus was a mess for a long time after that (nervous, fearful, etc.). It did a number on my head. In many ways, a horrific event like that traumatizes the entire community in which it occurred. Gah! Haven't remembered that in a long time. I am glad they caught the guy who killed little Adam Walsh. I can still picture the flyers all around town with that little toothless smile, the baseball cap and the bat on his shoulder...[shivers]