3 S.R. Johannes: Day 3: Online Presence/You Know You're a Writer When....

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Day 3: Online Presence/You Know You're a Writer When....

Think about your Online Presence

After you have your spreadsheet done and have your contacts in place.

I would recommend creating your online presence first.

Why? It adds to your credibility and gives your contacts a place to go to learn more.

At this point you know who your major audiences are so you can be sure your online channels target them. I say choose 3 online things to do and do them well. You can do more but sometimes it is too much work and takes away from your writing.

I would pick your top 3 and I would do 1 at a time. You want to do each one right and good. Don't do it half-a$$. It is better to do one thing well than 3 things average. And you will be very active in these. One you get up your web site - you may be able to pick up something else. But I would not overdo it. For example don't join twitter if you don't text message many times during the day. No one will follow you if you tweet once a week.

For example: If I am a knitting author, I may:
  • Create an author web site (published or not - this is a non-negotiable item. You must have this. Take a look at Janet Reid's advice.
  • Start a knitting blog (published or not). Livejournal or Blogger tend to be the more popular ones and they are free.
  • Join bebo/facebook (or myspace or friendster) and begin building contacts (published or not). I think kids use bebo or facebook more than anything right now.

Other online connecting ideas:

  • Join a national/local organization (preferably big enough to have an online presence) and volunteer. Local ones are good because they offer face-to-face contact. National ones are good because you can make more contacts outside your region.
  • Join Goodreads or Shelfari or Library thing to see who may be reading knitting books and mystery books.
  • Look for online magazines (ezines) to contribute articles to for free.
  • Twitter (I personally do not recommend this until you have made some contacts that will begin following you.)
  • Search for Yahoo groups with listserves where you can contribute
  • JacketFlap

Tomorrow we will not have a tip because we have Jay Asher's interview as our Magnificent Marketer. :)

Tuesday/Day 4: I will talk about how everyone can create a simple 5 page web site for less than 20$ a month.

Wednesday: A special guest will be dropping by and doing a special Magnificent Marketer interview.

You know you're a writer when:
  • You get excited about red pens
  • You cant read a book without a red pen or highlighter in your hand
  • Carrying a notebook to write down story ideas
  • Anytime anything happens, you think "Can I write about this?"
  • You think you see your characters out in public
  • You talk about your characters as if they are real people
  • You correct other people's grammar
  • You get the Word for the Day
  • You know 50 words for the word "said"
  • You dream about book ideas
  • You hang out in book stores instead of bars
  • You have a flat bum from sitting at your computer all the time
  • You would rather write than go out
  • You can be in your pjs until 4 pm when you get the kids.
  • You carry your laptop to the park
  • When you are constantly pushing book you have read onto your friends
  • when you say - the movie was not as good as the book
  • ask your friends to repeat what they said b/c it you want to write it down and use it as dialogue
  • when you sell an article - you finally pas the gas bill
  • when people asks you what's wrong and you say: I have writers block
  • you thank your parents for a crazy childhood
  • You sign documents with a pen name
  • Your clothes have ink stains on them
  • You name your computer
  • Coffee is your main nutrition
  • You pretend to pay bills so you can jump on the computer to write or blog
  • When your friends discuss books, you know everything about the author

I made these up but then I found this book which has some similar ones :) For more - check out this book.


Lee Wind, M.Ed. said...

um. yup. the in the pjs till going on parent duty is right on!
we writers are quirky!

Anonymous said...

I'm definitely one to take the notebook everywhere in my purse. You never know when an idea will hit (generally they happen when I'm in church or sitting at a redlight...)

I'm also one of those who gets really bummed out when I have writer's block and then some family members look at me like I'm crazy for being bummed out like that :P

Carrie Harris said...

Can I still be a writer if I prefer purple pens?

Yeah, I'm such a rebel. :)

Anonymous said...

The only one that does not ring true for me is the 'can't read w/o a red pen.' For some reason--even when i tell myself or even YELL at myself to pay attention to how an author achieves a certain effect, I can't do it. I absolutely and completely lose myself in the story to the point where I look up and go, "Dang! I was supposed to see how the writer hooked me right there!" Just can't seem to do it. I think I just like going into another world too much.

Anonymous said...

I always loved hanging out at book stores more than bars. Always. Re: the whole writer's block thing. i went for a couple of weeks struggling to kill off a character that I had unexpectedly fallen in love with. It got to the point where apparently, at the dinner table, I talked about the struggle of writing that scene one too many times because hubby and kids one day turned to me and said, "Will you just kill him already!"