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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving Meme

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I was looking through last year's Thanksgiving Day post and decided to do something different this year.

If you decide to do this, let me know and I will create a link of Thanksgiving Day posts at the bottom.

1. How will you be spending your Thanksgiving this year?
We are going to my mom's house.

2. Will you be cooking or are you just an eater?
I am in charge of dessert and entertainment (JK on the entertainment!)

3. Do you watch the parade every year or football!!
We watch star wars or Indiana Jones - dont ask me why!

4. Whats your favorite float?
I like the santa float b/c it reminds me of xmas coming.

5. Dark meat or white meat? Dark

6. What is your favorite dish besides the turkey?
Duh Dessert! who ever says green beans is totally lying!

7. Homemade cranberry sauce or cranberry sauce from the can?
My mom's only

8. Do you decorate for Christmas on Thanksgiving day?
No we start xmas stuff on Dec 1st. I need to breathe in between holidays.

9. What are some special family traditions?
So we dont argue with inlaws about who goes where when - we do Thanksgiving together. That means, we trade off every year between my sister-in-law's mom and my mom. That way we only travel every other year.

10. Pumpkin pie or pecan?
and pumpkin please. Twice! :)

11. What is your favorite thing to do with the leftovers?
What else is there to do but eat them! Wear them?

12. How long will you spend eating your thanksgiving meal?
Probably 30 minutes (what can I say - we have 6 kids under age of 6 between the families so dinners dont last too long) ...but we try to spend hours talking after the meal.

13. Are you worried about putting on weight this Thanksgiving?
I expect to put on weight over the holidays and then make a resolution to take it off in the new year. It's the American way!

14. What do you normally eat at Thanksgiving?
Turkey, garlic mashed potatoes, green beans, stuffing, rolls & pie. Lots of pie!

15. What will you be thankful for this Thanksgiving?
Oh gosh, where do i begin. My family and my renewed health. My agent. My friends. My writing. I'm grateful for every thing I come across, including all of you.

16. What is your best Thanksgiving memory?
The Thanksgiving before I got married. Our wedding was on Nov 30th. So my husband's family came over from UK for 2 weeks. It was nice to have all the families together and it was exciting knowing I was only a week away from marrying my man. :)

17. Will you be waking up early to hit the sales?
Yes, budget is tight this year.

18. Are you planning on going shopping the day after Thanksgiving?
Yes! We are n a budget so this year I am dragging my butt out of bed for Black Friday. It better be worth it b/c I am not a morning person.

Hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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Lisa said...

Did the meme! Thanks for starting it.


Kelly Polark said...

I'll be up and at 'em Friday morning too!
I'd much rather watch Star Wars than football on Thanksgiving!
Have a great day with your family, Shelli!

Sherrie Petersen said...

Fun meme :)

I have not gone shopping on Black Friday since an evil woman stole Santa and Mrs. Claus from my cart at Target 10 years ago. I can't handle the chaos!

Katie Anderson said...


Catherine Denton said...

Too fun!

Here is my link: http://wingedwriter.blogspot.com/2009/11/thanksgiving-meme.html

Adrienne said...

Have a happy Thanksgiving!

C. JoyBell C. said...

Just wanna say haaaapppppyyyyy Thanksgivvvviiiiinnnngggggg!!!! :)

Al said...

Hi Shelli,
Ive given you an award .

Angela said...

fun meme; love the new look of ur blog!