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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bookanistas Give Back!

Charitable donations are a very personal thing. There are so many ways our hard earned money can help others, and lately our world seems to be breaking into pieces around us. Needs are many and great. The Bookanistas want to give back, so in the coming months, we're going to be looking for ways to pour into communities, both bookish and worldwide.

For the month of April, the Bookanistas have chosen to spotlight Run For Your Life, an event that's raising money for a cancer hospital, largely because the framework is already set up (we'd like to keep it simple our first time out), and also because of personal connections to the cause. Most everyone has lost a loved one to cancer or knows someone who has.

To encourage you to donate, we're going to give away some sweet prizes! Here's how it will work:

2. Make a donation. $5 is suggested, but lower or higher is fine. (Also know that for every dollar you donate, you'll be entered to win a private, advance screening for twenty people for Breaking Dawn. The Bookanistas have NOTHING to do with that part - that's all Charlie Bewley and Summit Entertainment.)

3. Come back and fill out the entry form on this page.

We're trusting you to be honest about giving, and about the amount you give. Don't be a mamby pamby. Keep up our faith in mankind.

4. The Bookanistas will be giving away a selection of prizes (see list below). You will be entered one time for each dollar you donate ($5 = 5 entries). If you wish to be entered to win a specific prize, let us know in the designated section of the entry form.

5. We're following the guidelines set forth by Run for Your Life, which means this particular event will only be open to those in North America. Entries will be closed on April 30th, and we will contact randomly selected winners shortly thereafter.

6. Spread the word. Tweet, post the Run For Your Life logo (above) with a link to Charlie's site on your blog, or Facebook about the event, and receive an entry (one entry TOTAL for doing all or one of these things). Place a link/links in the place provided on the entry form.

HERE'S THE LIST OF BOOKANISTA PRIZES (this list WILL be added to, so check back):

A signed copy of WHITE CAT and a signed copy of RED GLOVE by Holly Black

A 50 page manuscript critique

A signed copy of MOONGLASS

A swag pack of POSSESS goodies and a query critique

A 50 page manuscript critique

A signed copy of AUDITION

A query and first chapter critique

A signed copy of LIAR SOCIETY and bookmarks

A box of ten mystery advance reader copies

A Dystopian Trifecta of Awesome - a signed copy of DARK AND HOLLOW PLACES by Carrie Ryan, a signed copy of MATCHED by Ally Condie, and a signed ARC of Elena's own POSSESSION


A signed copy of DEMONGLASS by Rachel Hawkins, a signed copy of ACROSS THE UNIVERSE by Beth Revis, a signed copy of TORMENT by Lauren Kate, and a signed and annotated advance reader copy of HOURGLASS.


Paula said...

This sounds like a great cause and a wonderful idea on your part. I will be sure to check it all out and come back with my donation amount before the 30th.

Jemi Fraser said...

What a wonderful idea! There are so many wonderful causes out there. This is a terrific one - so nice of you all to spread the word and help them out!! :)

Paula said...

Is there an entry form?

Or maybe I just post here, so I will : )

I donated $25 to the cause. My heart broke when I saw the picture of Jocelyn Clarke and read her story.

As for the chance to win one of the awesome prizes--because I also love cupcakes, words, and write paranormal YA, I'd love to win the critique from Corrine Jackson : )


Natalie Aguirre said...

I donated. This is a great idea. I filled out the form on Elana's page.

Corrine Jackson said...

DUDE. i want to enter. =D This is Cory BTW.

Shana Silver said...

I'm with Cory! I wish I could enter! Sigh.

Carolina M. Valdez Schneider said...

Such a great cause with super giveaways. Makes me want to enter, too!!