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Thursday, September 07, 2006

I vote with my heart.

Has our society become so desensitized to violence and so focused on the negative aspects of us being Americans - that now movie-makers have to paste real faces into fictional films?

I find the UK movie, "Death of a President", disturbing. This movie is not just about the fictional assassination of a U.S. President. It is plays out a mocked assassination of our current President. The movie people actually super-imposed Bush's face on top of a small-framed Texan body and proceed to show him whacked.

Now, I am not a political person. I am neither Democrat or Republican and I don't stand tall on the Left or Right side.

I am an American and I don't want to see that.

As I read the article in the NY Times, my blood boils. I become offended, angry for some reason. I am not sure why I had such a negative reaction. It could be because I am tired of depressing films. It could be because I am sick of all the violence and negativity. Or it could be because I am so fed up with the media using fear to get a point across or exploiting every thing they can to get ratings or profits.

Now, let me say - I love movies! Always have. I am obsessed with film, old and new. I am always prepared for Oscar night and enjoy rushing out to be sure and see all of the nominated films before that night - just so I can vote intellectually from home. I am also addicted to pop culture, TV and media. So I can appreciate the controversial side, the artistic side, and the "need to send a message" side.

My point is - does the film have to use a mocked-assassination of someone who is ACTUALLY living and breathing - just to prove a point? Have we really lost the skills to communicate or debate intellectually? Must we now resort to cheap shots to spawn healthy discussion? Do we have to cross another line in order just to make a point?

Maybe my negative reaction is due to loyalty? Maybe it is due to my loss of a "false sense" of security? Or maybe I have some sort of brewing patriotism?

I don't know exactly what it is but I vote against showing violence done to "real" people just to have shock value, increase movie sales, instill fear, or prove a political point.

I want to have intellectual discussions because I know the facts not because I am entertained by false information or scared into learning about the world and our responsibility in it.

I vote against this movie. I vote against violence. I vote against negativity and fear.

I vote with my heart.

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Anonymous said...

I find this post very interesting because you clearly felt very passionate and were very articulate about your negative reaction to this UK film. What's disturbing me is that I do not recall even hearing about such a film. I mean, I know I'm kinda clueless, but still. Your post made me curious though.