3 S.R. Johannes: I'm A Sucker for Trash TV...oops...I mean Market Research!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

I'm A Sucker for Trash TV...oops...I mean Market Research!

My Marketing Secret:
This Monday for Marketing Monday - I will announce a new feature that I am adding to my blog. It is very exciting and I think you all will love it! Hint: It has to do with marketing :) Come back and see what is in store for 2009.

Totally Trashy TV (photo: from a sticker from wackypackages.com)

Before anyone says it - I will. I should be writing instead of watching trash TV. It is my vice. But isn't Tivo grand! :)

And, for the record, I watch Anderson Cooper every night (and NOT just for the news :)

What do I get from Trash TV? Characters.

Lots of funny characters.

Some hilarious dialogue.

And market research (Hey it's trashy, but all the kids are watching it!)

1) The Man- I watched Jason gets his little heart broken in the last Bachelorette season. I am glad he is the one back. Though I liked Jeremy too. Here are my picks for the top 4: Nikki, Lauren, Naomi, and Melissa. Though I hear Deanna is coming back! I'm a sucker for love. Fake, shallow love.

2) Wipeout in 22days!- So those of you who have followed me for a while probably know I am a huge Wipeout fan. It is my favorite reality show ever. I laugh so hard when this show is on. I'm talking the long, can't breath, belly laughs, the kind you used to have in school with your BFFs. I love them and they are hard to come by - unless you watch this show.

3) Feel the Fear! I watched this show out of curiosity. It was kinda scary. 13 kids dumped in a creepy cottage in the middle of nowhere. At the end, they do challenges to see who gets killed off? This week, 2 girls had to be buried alive and then escape. I would freak out! I cannot stand close spaces. Silver Lining, this is great research for my thriller series. It is interesting to see how differently people react when they are scared.

4) Beauty is as Beauty Does - True Beauty is the show. But it is as much about ugliness as beauty. 1) Do people like this really exist? I'm afraid so. 2) 1) these people aren't THAT beautiful. I was expecting Heidi Klum pretty. 3) Did you know there is a scientific equation for beauty. No really - there is? And it's called "MBA" Is that just to make the pretty people feel smart? So I can say - I hve an MBA (which I do) and people will think I passed the beauty test? Cool. I can honestly say that this is one test I will never take or pass.

5) American Idol kickoff. This week. Jan 13th. It's back on! I love seeing nobodies make it big. It's something I hope to do someday with my writing. Can't there be an American Idol for writers - I guess that would be boring. Watching us write all day. Not very glam either. You should see me right now - condolences to my hubby. I don't know about you but I loved Chris Daughtry and David Cook. And I admit - Jordan Sparks has turned out some cool hits, especially with Chris Brown. Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood turned out some pretty cool stuff too.

Again, all in the name of market research! :)


Anonymous said...

Don't kill me. I had to.


Heidi Willis said...

I totally get this! Other people criticize reality TV, but I love it because it's like people-watching. I can't believe these people really exist sometimes, and they do make for great characters!

I think I'll start calling it market research too! :)

Katie Anderson said...

Love this new way of justifying trash TV!!!!

Yay! All in the name of research :-)

Corey Schwartz said...

Just finished a popular MG (better not to name it),and the whole time I was reading, I was thinking, "I'd rather be reading On the Bright Side" :)

Jill Wheeler said...

Hee. Just checking to see if your supersecret marketing weapon was up yet.

Carrie Harris said...

American Idol for writers. HAH! I'd love to hear Simon Cowell's comments about a particularly stinky manuscript. Instead of telling people they should do karaoke or work on a cruise ship, he'd tell them to go write cereal boxes.

Yeah, I'd find that hilarious, but on second thought, I doubt anyone else would.

Anonymous said...

Carrie, an American Idol for writers would be killer! Paula Abdul would probably say everything she read was good and the other guy (forget his name) would say, "Go get yourself a thesauras, Dawg!" Now Simon? As much as it hurts to hear what he has to say, I'd rather have a critiquer like him than anyone else...

Unknown said...


True Blood... (HBO)

Big Love (also HBO)



You are missing all my faves!