3 S.R. Johannes: Weird Wed - Am I on Candid Camera?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Weird Wed - Am I on Candid Camera?

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Am I on Candid Camera?

For those that are too young to understand this, bear with me. There was a show when I was growing up (I won't say what year) that was very popular. Allen Hunt hosted it weekly and the show had concealed cameras that filmed regular peeps stuck in crazy situations. When the joke was revealed, Allen would say, "Smile, you're on Candid Camera." It was the Punked of the 70s-90s (Has anyone guessed my age yet?).

Here are all the reasons why I think Allen Hunt is my Guardian Angel:

1) I have to wear a neck brace for my inner ear infection. (Does this make sense to anyone else? Pulease?)

2) I have to take medication for my dizziness that has the side effect warning of.....you guessed it....Dizziness! (Hmmm which one should I choose?)

3) I trip over cracks that are not there? (And trust me, I've checked!)

4) I am the one in my family that pulls out the milk jug out of the fridge AFTER my daughter (Who DID NOT put the lid back on?)

5) I get to the end of the toilet paper roll when no one is home to help? (Luckily I keep a secret stash)

6)I pick up the check book with no checks on the only day I need it. (and on the same day I leave my debit card in my pocket at home)

7) When I am at Mexican Restaurants, the Mariachi band always pick me. (And it's always FELIZ NAVIDAD!)

8) Somehow the gas tank is on empty when I get in the car. (I am convinced my car has secret excursions at night)

9) I pull up to the gas station and am always on the wrong side. (You'd think I'd learn or does Allen change it? That is the question.)

10) At Einsteins Coffee House, the only delicioso fattening muffin left that I deserve and really really want and need is bought by the person in front of me. (Honestly, it ruins my day...*sigh*)

11) I only spill coffee on my shirt when I have a meeting to go to. (The days I am working from home, clean as a whistle)

12) I get the poopy diapers and my son only poops once a day! (I think my son and hubby have a pact.)

13)Something breaks (kid, dog, car or appliance) when my hubby is out of town.

14)The only day I finally follow my hubby's advice and lock the back door - is the day I lose my keys.

15) The day I drag down the trash to the street (my hubby usually does it), is the Garbage day off. (And I usually drop the bag or something gross I have to clean up.)

16) I step in the only piece of gum in the parking lot (please at least throw it in the grass!)

17) I get a big obvious zit right before some big event like a conference or something. (BTW - which in my 30s I should not get. Maybe I am channeling mY YA self.)

18) I say something dumb to someone important. (this happens way too often)

Oh and just so you know - these are the evil pranks my Guardian Angel Allen plays on me, I'm not this scattered! (Am I?) Or maybe I am just this uncool and trying to find some excuse!

I sympathize with these poor people....but I laugh at them too!

Ok This guy's face cracks me up!!!

I am surprised no one starting beating the poor thing.


Katie Anderson said...

Okay, I have not had time to read this yet, but the summaries of all of your WIP's on the side are FANTASTIC! I want to read every single one!

Thanks for tonight :)

Vivian Mahoney said...

Candid Camera! I loved the show.

Looking forward to your marketing posts!

Casey Something said...

LOL! That second video is hilarious!

Sorry you're getting "punked" by life! I had to wear a neck brace for a neck injury once - no fun!

Corey Schwartz said...

I loved Candid Camera. The funniest one I can remember is when they "closed NJ for the day". Your blog makes me laugh just as much though, Shelli!

Lisa said...

Thanks for the welcome to Kidlitosphere!

I always liked Candid Camera as a kid. Fannie Flagg was my favorite, so that might give you a clue about MY (old) age. :)

Corey Schwartz said...

Hi Shell,
Gave you a plug on my blog today.

Carrie Harris said...

Candid camera is hilarious. I wish they'd bring it back!

And thanks for the list of Tweeters! I just finally joined last week, so this is really timely for me.

Anonymous said...

I remember candid camera!! Loved it! Always makes me smile. why can't we bring it back?

Anonymous said...

That Twitter list? Brilliant. Where do you find this stuff? And you're amazingly kind for passing on the info to the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

When I told my son what I was doing (the 15 yr old), he said, "Cool, you get to be a stalker!"

I'm kind starting to feel that way...

Anonymous said...

I'm still not clear how "Twittering" can be used for marketing purposes. Is it cuz I'm too old?

Anonymous said...

You are so dang funny! I could relate to every one of these Alan Funt situations...except for the neck brace...and uhm, the poopy diapers (so long ago!)...but everything else? My life.

Anonymous said...

I thought I was the only one that had Mariachi band pheromones! Except for me, they always play "Lay Cucaracha." What could that mean?

King of my Throne said...

I got a great kick out of the skunk prank! Had to replay it for my kids. Wished you could have heard the laughter!

Anonymous said...

Oh, thanks for the idea, King of My Throne. It hadn't occured to me to play the skunk tape for my kids. They'd love it...