3 S.R. Johannes: Sunny Sunday - Find out if you are really a Mom?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sunny Sunday - Find out if you are really a Mom?

You Know Your a Mom When...
  • You can no longer wear black, for fear of massive spit up marks
  • You sing “Dora Dora Dora the Explorer” in the shower.
  • You believe that macaroni and cheese should become it’s own food group.
  • Play dates have taken over your life!
  • You sing to the Elmo CD that is playing on your radio long after you’ve dropped your children off at daycare.
  • You can’t wait to hug your own kids after you see something troubling on the news.
  • You lick your finger to wipe the face of a child AND suddenly stop when you realize that child ISN’T YOURS!
  • You can reach into your purse and pull out a crayon, a matchbox car and a dirty sock.
  • You have no issues sniffing another person’s butt for a poopie diaper.
  • A night on the town means taking the kids out past 6 pm.
  • A packet of crisps (chips), and a chocolate bar is considered a hearty breakfast.
  • At a party, you ask where “the potty” is.
  • "Whine” is no longer simply red or white.
  • When people ask you what you do, you tell them you are a “pediatric logistics specialist”!
  • Sleeping in means… sleeping IN the middle of three little bodies!!!
  • You count the sprinkles on each kid's cupcake to make sure they're equal.
  • You find yourself cutting your husbands' sandwiches into cute shapes.
  • You can't bear to give away baby clothes - it's so final.
  • You hear your mother's voice coming out of your mouth when you say, "NOT in your good clothes!"
  • You stop criticizing the way your mother raised you.
  • You say at least once a day, "I'm not cut out for this job", but you know you wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.
  • and lastly, you know you are a mom because you hear the word 1,000 times a day and you still love it!


PJ Hoover said...

yes, I must be a mom!

Heidi Willis said...

Love this! I'm definitely a mom!

I was just commenting today it's good to be wearing a necklace again after having to put them all away for years so little hands wouldn't grab and pull them!

Kelly Polark said...

So cute and so true! I love being a mom!

Danyelle L. said...


Very true. Beautiful thoughts! Happy Mother's Day. :D

Sherrie Petersen said...

Shelli, that's just perfect! I can't tell you how many times I was still jamming to Elmopalooza after the kids weren't in the car!

I still have baby clothes. And mine are 6 and 9.

Christina Farley said...

These are great. I keep hearing my mom in me more and more as time goes on. Hmmm... I hope that's a good thing. But I love my mom!

Corey Schwartz said...

Ha! So funny! Did you make these all up yourself?