3 S.R. Johannes: A Day of 29 Thanks!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Day of 29 Thanks!

(Don't ask me why it's 29! )

Marketing Tip for the Day: Affiliate Marketing
I thought Affiliate Marketing was a great technique to talk about this holiday. Affiliate marketing—using one website to drive traffic to another—is a form of online mrkt. Amazon has a great affiliate program - if people buy books through your link, you can get discounts or earn 15%.

You can do this as a published or unpublished author!

Here are 29 things I am thankful for:

  1. my family - for undying, yet dysfunctional support

  2. my friends - b/c they tell me the real truth

  3. my hubby - for loving me no matter what - (no really he does!)- and for giving me time to write)

  4. my kids - for making me laugh and taking life less seriously

  5. my critique group (Sheri, Kelly, Betsy and Jessica) - for supporting me with constructive criticism and honesty)

  6. my WFFs (Katie, Sarah, Irene, Lindsey) - for relating to the highs and lows of the writing world

  7. my new BBLs - for coming back to hear my rants and raves

  8. my pointer fingers - for doing all the typing - I mean pecking

  9. my body - for letting me live an active healthy life - keep up the good work:)

  10. my feet - for only growing 1/2 of a size through 2 pregnancies

  11. SCBWI - for teaching me how to be a writer

  12. my computer - for not crashing yet (I better back up today!)

  13. James Patterson, Sue Grafton, Barry Eisner, and other thriller writers- for the great stories and teaching me how to write a page-turner

  14. my imagination - for not being afraid to travel deeper into the unknown

  15. my nerves - for staying somewhat stable during this crazy process called publishing

  16. my agent-to-be - for believing in me, my character, my story and for giving me a chance. I won't let you down.

  17. my yoga teacher - for keeping me centered

  18. flavored creamer - for making my coffee extra sweet

  19. libraries, bookstores, and publishers - for making and supplying great books

  20. Dirty vodka martinis - for a nice night out

  21. La Paz cheese dip - for always making me happy and full

  22. Wipeout - for all the laughs you've given me

  23. MMs with peanuts - for staying up with me at night when I write

  24. my dog, Bud - for always listening and keeping me company late at night

  25. itunes- for great music I can write to

  26. all agents - for reading through 1000s of queries and still finding time to respond

  27. America - for putting Obama in office

  28. Obama - for giving me hope

  29. the universe - for all the signs telling me I am on the right track

Have a happy holiday!


myrna rosen said...

My son said something that made me think of your daughter's comment a couple of weeks ago. We were riding in the car listening to a song by Ursula on the Little Mermaid soundtrack And, suddenly, out of nowhere, Joshy (age 3) said, "She's badder than McCain!"

Anonymous said...

A gratitude list! I used to do those. Another great idea that I will think about doing and not do...

Carrie Harris said...

Snarf. You thanked flavored creamer. And now I'm thanking you... for the laugh.