3 S.R. Johannes: What do Balls, Porcupines, Shiners, Santa, Spot the dog, A Sponge, and Aminals all have in common?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What do Balls, Porcupines, Shiners, Santa, Spot the dog, A Sponge, and Aminals all have in common?

My daughter!

I don't write in journals anymore. Used to all the time. Now it is either play with kids, love on hubby, write my book, or blog. I don't even watch T/V. anymore (What?! My friends are having a heart-attack right now.)

A few things have happened to my daughter over the last few weeks that I want too record.

So I figured, why not share them with you all?

Of course they are mommy praises. Today is about my littlish girl who is getting biggish as we speak.

Her night-time fairy (attribute to new YA book "How to ditch your fairy) must be the "growing fairy" because I swear, each morning she wakes up smarter, taller, and funnier. What in the world happens during the night? Maybe that's why I seem to look older each morning. (Note to self: Ditch own growing fairy for new younger one)

1) What a ball-
My daughter just finished her soccer season. Total goals: 11, total fits: 1, total face plants: 3.
Last week, she had her awards ceremony. I cannot imagine how Michael Phelps mother felt when he won 8 gold metals. Because the minute they called her name at the award ceremony, I burst into tears. Got the whole thing on tape. You would have thought it was the Olympics. Of course, every kid gets a medal which I personally love. When the coach hung the sparkly medal around her neck, he actually said, "Now, here's one with natural talent." I was so proud I wanted to cheer but felt the need to be the star's humble mother. Then as she walked towards me she held up the metal just like Michael Phelps, beamed a huge sparkly smile, and actually said, 'Mommy, now I'm like Michael Phelps.

2) No Porcupines here
Last week, my daughter came home from school. "Mommy, Hannah told a Porcupine today" (my British hubby calls lies...porcupies). "She told me that her mommy has eyes in the back of her head. That's not true, wite mommy?" Now part of me wanted to say, "you're right sweetie. humans only have 2 eyes." But in that moment. I said. "I don't know, I think alot of moms have eyes in the back of their heads. They see everything." She just gave me her bulgy eyed stare and said, "That's amazing." I giggled as I left the room. It's funny how kids take everything so literal. At this age, they will believe anything. Which is why I tell her everyday I am "super mommy." It'll only be so long until she sees the real truth. I'm just a regular ole mom in a crappy disguise.

3) A Shiner of a day
My daughter came home with her first shiner. :( I gasped when she walked in the house. Her eye bruised and puffy. I ran to her side. "What happened!?" She was so calm, "I bonked my eye on the monkey bars when I was doing a trick." I realized in that moment, that you cannot protect your kid forever. It's scary to me that someday they are on their own with no one to stop a fall, protect their feelings, or tell them what to say. As I fussed over her eye and inspected it throughly for scarring, vision impairment, and permanet eye damage. Do you know what she said: "It's OK mommy. It's just a part of life." ugh :0O

4)Santa's got a big problem
Santa better get a move on this year because I am in trouble! A new bar has been set. Are you all ready for my daughter's humble list? A treehouse like Bindi the jungle girl (Steve Irwin's daughter), a trombone and drums, a real car, and a cupcake maker. What a list? Last year it was a trampoline. Try putting that thing together at midnight with a flashlight (thanks to hubby! who sucked it up after spinal surgery. What a man.) This is the first year,I realize that she can't be persuaded (manipulated or bribed) to pick out something convenient that I want to give her. Oi! Santa (hubby) better get busy on the treehouse. Lord knows what will happen with the trombone, a car is out of the question (even at 16) so I guess I'll just get the cupcake maker. Though I am not sure why we just cant use the oven.

5) Spot is in the house
My daughter is starting to rea! Granted she looks at the pictures and partially guesses the words. But hey, you gotta start somewhere. She is sounding out letters and forming words. She is trailing her finger along the page like the little red bouncy ball on Sesame Street pointing out every word. Her teacher told me she is actually reading See Spot Run. I am amazed at how fast she grows up. In addition, she knows all her months, days of the week, sings this little light of mine with motions, and can say "consequence"

6 My little sponge
My daughter picks up the darnest things. My babysitter comes over the other day. My daughter asks "who did you vote for?" babysitter laughs and says "I don't know if I should say". My daughter says: "Oh, then you must have voted for McCain." Where does she get this stuff? Oh yeah, from me! I love seeing myself thru her eyes. And I might add, I can be quiet funny and smart, accroding to her copycat phrasing. Anything I say, even if it is once, my daughter soaks it up and uses it within a few days, and uses it properly. One day, she passed a big dog and said "that dog is as big as a horse." My babysitter said, "Gee, that' s pretty big." My daughter says: "You know its' just an expression of speak." Hilarious. I wish I could carry (and have everyone else who comes in contact with her) a tape recorder. These things are classic.

7) Aminals on the loose
I love it when my daughter says words slightly incorrectly and I hate it when adults try and correct her. I used to do this to my best friend's little girl (who I now apologize to profusely) before I had kids. My daughter's classic words that I will forever cherish (just to name a few): aminal (Animal), hurted, wite (right?), posed so (suppose so), sketti (spaghetti). Her 1/2 English accent makes it all so much cuter.

That's it for now. Back to work. Busy week...

Would love to hear some of your stories? What words did your kids say when they were little?



Melissa said...

I decided, when my second was 1, that I needed to keep track of all the funny things they say and do or I'd probably lose my mind.

The best thing, though, is listening to a two year old go "Wove you, too, mommy."

Isn't parenting fun? (Sometimes anyway.)

Anonymous said...

I loved this post. It made me want to have a kid of my own. Which is not something I plan on doing.

I'm so glad you've jotted these things down because someday this post is going to be a treasure to you. Thanks for sharing. It gave me my "cute" fix for the day. :)

Corey Schwartz said...

Nice blog. I loved reading about your 4.8333 year old (probably in part because my daughter is turning five in a few months and also cracks me up!)

Please visit my blog. It is only 3.666 days old :)

Shelli (srjohannes) said...

Melissa - I love parenting and seeing myself through my kids eyes.

Lisa - trust me - my kids hav eplenty of kidness to go around. YOu can live vicariously thru me on those days you are needing kddy advice :)

Corey - congrads on blogging :) YOU had a great post today.

Carrie Harris said...

Man, you're going to have so much fun looking at this post when she's older. :)

About once a week, my son will announce out of the clear blue sky: "I voted for ___." The reason I put the blank in there is because he switches between candidates because he doesn't want one of them to feel left out.