3 S.R. Johannes: Random Thoughts on My Secret Ballot

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Random Thoughts on My Secret Ballot

I found voting this morning fascinating and learned a few things during my voting process:

1) Why is voting so secretive? I found it quite funny in line that most people did not want to share who they voted for. Are we that divided and that judgemental? Are people afraid to admit who they voted for?

2) Why are people complaining about lines? I just told myself it is going to take 6 hrs and set up my schedule accordingly. People were coming up and asking how long the lines were...when they found out 1 hour. They left not wanting to wait! What? Did you really think you were going to vote in a historical election and not spend an hour? Is this process so unimportant that you could not put aside 1 hour in 4 years? We wait longer at Christmas for iphones and touch me Elmo than 1 hour. I found it interesting that people just take the process for granted.

3) Why is it that a moped is not sexy on a man? OK this is off the subject but when I was waiting to vote, a cute guy drove up on a white moped. Now, I am neither for nor against mopeds. To each his own, though it is definitely good for the environment. However, the moped just does not do the guy justice. I say get a motorcycle. His little helmet and his sparkly white though just didn't do him justice. I don't care how souped up he had (and he tried).

4) How I made history?- The great thing about this election is that no matter who you vote for - we're are making history today. That is very exciting. I feel good about the country moving in that direction that black men and women can be allowed to change the world.

5) How will I cope? I must say this is the first election where I feel so strongly about a candidate that I will be truly crushed if he does not win. I truly feel this is our shot to rebuild our name in the global community. Being married to a brit - I know how bad our reputation is in the world. This is our shot to change it. It is our time for change and to send a message to the world that we do not support where our government has taken us.

So stop reading my blog and GO VOTE!


Carrie Harris said...

I just had to come back and comment on the moped thing. The only time I've ever seen a sexy guy on a moped was in Europe. Somehow, having everyone on mopeds there made it look slightly less ridiculous. :)

Otherwise, I completely agree with you. Guy plus moped equals complete ridiculousness.

Anonymous said...

Your 'making history' comment is so true. I saved my Obama yard sign and every newspaper that I could get my hands on when he won. I felt so proud. My son even asked if he could have the sign to put up on his wall. Made mama tear up.