3 S.R. Johannes: Shel's POV

Friday, November 28, 2008

Shel's POV

Point of View by Shel Silverstein
Thanksgiving dinner's sad and thankless
Christmas dinner's dark and blue
when you stop and try to see it
from the turkey's point of view.
Sunday dinner isn't sunny
Easter feasts are just bad luck
when you see it from the viewpoint
of a chicken or a duck.
oh how i once loved tuna salad
pork, lobsters, and lamb chops too.
til I stopped and looked at dinner
from the dinner's point of view


Irene Latham said...

I am big fan of Silverstein! I use him all the time when I teach poetry in school. My favorite:
The Sitter

Mrs. McTwitter, the baby sitter,
I think she's a little bit crazy.
She thinks the babysitter's supposed
to sit upon the baby.


Sherrie Petersen said...

Spoken like a vegetarian :)
I'll admit that I cook it for the carnivores in my home, but I rarely eat it myself. I'll have to dig up this poem for them!

Anonymous said...

Love the Shel POV poem. Have never seen it before. I'll have to show it to my son. He's such a carnivore! (as we all are in my family)

Carrie Harris said...

I adore Silverstein and have all of his books. Although I hadn't really thought of this one from the writer's POV yet. :)