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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Hail to the Heros

Marketing Tip of the Day: Book Reviews (Free except for buying the book)
Review a book on your blog (focus in the same genre if you want). Send the author a note with a link to the review. I know authors that only do reviews for books they like. This review gives the author a boost and creates a connection not only to your blog, but maybe a contact for you when your book comes out.

Hail to the Heros
I watched CNNs Heros show last night and wept the whole time. These people have given their time and hearts to others freely expecting nothing in return. They make us realize that when you give in small ways it makes a huge impact. They all started by helping one person at a time. It reinforces the idea that it's better to give a little than to not give at all. Made me think about the main reason I want to be published. To give back. I feel like writing books is somehow connected to my purpose - I don't know why or how.

During this Thanksgiving holiday, I wanted to send a special shout-out to these 10 incredible people:

1) Liz McCartney - helping Katrina victims by rebuilding homes for more than 120 families.
2) Tad Agoglia - started a response team for disaster victims and have aided 15 sites for free
3) Maria Da Silva - LA nanny who funds a school in Malawi where kids are victims of Aids.
4) Yohannes Gebregeorgis - Ethiopia Reads that provides free libraries and books to children
5) Carolyn Lecroy - Message Project that connects incarcerated parents with their children through video messages
6) Anne Mahlum - Back on my feet program that supplies running groups, shoes and running gear to homeless people
7) Phymean Noun - offers children who work in Phen's trash dumbs free schooling and job training
8) David Puckett - brings prosthetic care to those in Mexico without limbs
9) Marie Ruiz - Takes food, clothing, and toys to impoverished children/families in Mexico
10)Viola Vaughn -10,000 Girls Program helps girls in Senegal succeed in school and business

A personal shout-out to Captain Paul Watson and the Sea Shepherd crew (Whale Wars) who all work for free and put their lives at danger every day to stop illegal whale killing from happening. Trueless selfless.

We all can make a difference.

Today, do one small thing for someone!

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Carrie Harris said...

You know, I do really short haiku reviews and had debated sending something to the authors of the ones I loved in particular. Maybe I'll try it during next week's roundup. Thanks for the tip!