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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Oh My Giddy Aunt!

(Beware: This post will only make sense to a few special people. :)

This election has me on the edge of my seat and has my daughter yelling English phrases that crack me up. The fact that I am blogging 2ce in one day shows that I am in desperate need of an outlet of nervous energy. I guess as a writer, I have to write!

Reenactment with 4.5 year old girl - When I came home from voting today

Her - "Mommy, did you vote?

Me - "Yup. Look I even got you a sticker."

Her - Cool. Did XXXXX win?"

Me - "No honey, we won't know until tonight."

Her (yelling very loud with a frown on her face) - "Oh my giddy aunt! What's taking so long?"

Now first, let me say that this exclamation made me miss my hubby. I am just not the same when he is not here. My balance is off. My heart is a little emptier and my family is not the same when he is gone. We just have a certain hum to life when he is around. sniff sniff

Secondly, how cute is it that my daughter has picked up his English phrases. She - at times - almost sounds more British than my hubby does (sorry honey :)

Thirdly, Cor Blimey! Could she have said it any better?

This election has been going on for what seems like a lifetime. I have never been involved in an election like this one. I have always voted. Though, I have not always been happy with my vote and pretty confident that my inlaws have been mortified as well.

(BTW just to get in a tidbit about marketing, we marketing people call regret - Cognitive Dissonance. Others call it buyers remorse. Personaly, I prefer the official phrase - it sounds better and I sound smarter. What's bad is that I love to slip it in a conversation whenever I can - which makes me - yup you guessed it - uncool as usual).

I certainly have NEVER followed elections in detail like this and I have NEVER followed since the primaries started. This time, I was there every step of the way.

And tonight, I realize: Gordon Bennett, I am exhausted! I can't imagine how the candidates feel. This has been a long 2 years. I could have given birth to 2 kids (technically) by now.

So today, my daughter summed it up perfectly - as usual. "Oh my giddy aunt! What's taking so long?"

So can we just get on with it already! Its like a great movie that would never end.

I have run the gamut on my finger nails. Chewed every piece of gum in the house. Now, I am on to a cool Sam Adams Winter lager.

I am on the edge of my seat - watching politics - and I am left with just feeling old. I remember my parents watching and discussing politics - zzzzzzzz Boring!

And here - the election is my thriller of the day! Crumbs!

Tootle pip!


Carrie Harris said...

I've never heard "Oh my giddy aunt!" before. What does it mean? I'm thinking like an "oh my goodness" kind of thing? For a while, I picked up the so-called swear word, "Pants!" from one of my Brit friends. To this day, when I hear it, I crack up.

Anonymous said...

"Oh my giddy aunt" is too adorable. Is it really a Brit phrase or did your creative darling make it up? When I was in London several years ago, I asked a coffee house server where the rest room was and he almost fell on the floor laughing when I finally made him understand what I needed. He and his cute, young buddy sniggered madly at the concept of a "resting" room rather a "toilet" as they so elegantly put it. Felt so old. Sigh.