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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

AAAAH - It's Baaaaaaaaccckkkk!

Marketing Muse

Authors can now create a video representation of their book, to show their market exactly what they are buying, before they buy. Book trailers are still few and far between, but their popularity is growing. In short order, everyone who writes a book will be creating a book trailer. Here are a couple of introductory articles: how to make your own Book trailer and the elements of a successful Book trailers

AAAAH - It's Baaaaaaaaccckkkk!

For those of you who do not know, basically my computer died last month taking all my files and emails with it. "Lucifer" was laid to rest in cyber hell.

If you are dying to know what happened, read my past posts:



Well, now Lucifer is back!

Yes, you got it. My computer will not die. It has been revived.

Just to taunt me. Just to rub it in my face.

Don't ask me how.

Evidently, I bought the extended warranty when I got Lucifer (like I knew he would be a pain in my hard drive. So Best Buys had to either fix it or replace it.

I was thinking "Surely they will replace it. I mean the thing was smoking and making cranking noises!"

But no!

They replaced the motherboard and harddrive and returned it to me. Lapskin and all.

"Great!" you say?

No, because I still lost everything! Nothing was recovered.

Now Lucifer is back to haunt me and Munster (my 10 year old computer) is tired people and I refuse to buy another computer until I get an agent or book deal!

I hate that I need Lucifer. I hate that I can't let a bad thing go. he isn't good for me - I know - but he's all I have.

For now, it's time to suck it up. To kiss Lucifer's hard drive until I don't need him any longer.

Someday, I will get a new computer and spend more quality time (not quantity time) with it so we can be happy together making books.

Someday, I will do the Happy Computer Dance.


Anonymous said...

Oh, man! Lucifer brings up images of Glenn Close emerging from the tub in Fatal Attraction. I just dated myself again, didn't I?

lisa and laura said...

I love this. It's like you're stuck in an abusive relationship. They should have support groups for this type of thing. "How to break free from your dysfunctional computer - a 12 step process."

Carrie Harris said...

Maybe Lucifer is just living up to his... its name? How about giving it a nice touchy feelie middle name to see if that helps? Like it could be Lucifer Snugglebunny. Or Lucifer Snoogie-wookums.

Then again, that might make your problem worse, huh?

Kelly Polark said...

That Lucifer is persistent! I think a wooden stake might do the trick!
Funny computer song!

Sherrie Petersen said...

I have seen very few book trailers that I like. And even less that make me want to buy the book. Hopefully as they gain in popularity they will get better!

Kelly H-Y said...

The Book Trailer phenomena is fascinating! So sorry about your computer ordeal ... so frustrating! BTW ... did you MRI all turn out OK?!

Anonymous said...

Those links on creating a successful book trailer are really helpful. However, if the book is MG or nonfiction, are book trailers just a waste of time. My impression of them is that they are best for "Edgy" YA. Do you think that's true?

Kimbra Kasch said...

Lucifer or Gizmo?...the mean Gremlin

Carrie Harris said...

I finally got a chance to visit those book trailer links, and I find them really interesting. I wonder if the reason that the more comic book did better book trailer-wise than the literary book is because the more comic book is better suited for that kind of thing.

Wow, that was a convoluted sentence. Do you have any idea what I mean? I wonder if some books are better suited for trailers than others.

King of my Throne said...

I loved the Drew Carey show. Do NOT remember this! Thanks for sharing.

Heidi Willis said...

That video is hilarious!!

And this post makes me want to give my Mac a big huggo!

Tabitha said...

Oh no! Sorry to hear your computer is haunting you like this. :( This sounds weird, but here's hoping it dies a horrible death and you get a new computer out of the deal. That is, *before* you accumulate a bunch of new files on this one. :)

Love the video. :)

Jessie Oliveros said...

I say the same thing, that when I get a book deal I will buy a new computer. Although I really could never cheat on my laptop like that. So did you really lose all your files? Did you back them up? If not, that is very sad and Lucifer does not deserve a second chance. There may be support groups for people and laptops like you.