3 S.R. Johannes: Be a Comment Chameleon!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Be a Comment Chameleon!

Marketing Muse: Book Trailers
Here is a great interview with Sheila Clover English of COS Productions giving you some information on how Book Trailers Offer Excellent Branding Opportunity. Thanks to a blogger for suggesting this as a hot topic. More to come on this topic this week.

Be a Comment Chameleon!
We are 1/2 way into the contest! But it is not too late for you to enter. I've added an extra prize!
  • Unique Visitors since the blog started in Nov 2008 - over 7,000!
  • Unique Visitors (from March 1-March31) - 1,726 (547 returning ones)
  • # of Comments since March 1st - 814!
Rule clarification:

  • Starting today, you will only get a point if there is at least 1 comment between your multiple comments. You may no longer comment several times in a row on the same post just seconds/minutes apart. This also gives you the chance to comment on other people's comments which is always helpful.

  • Again, YES you CAN comment on past posts.

  • Don't forget the Bonus Points but remember you HAVE to email me on the bonus points. I cant keep searching to see who has done what. You need to let me know.

  • The comments must be related to the post. hey cannot be random. If you have a comment on a past post - you need to put it on that post.

New news!

I am adding a prize.

I want to make this contest fun and worthwhile to everyone, including the people just finding out about us. The new people who are just joining us are pretty much out of the race unless something changes, which I did not consider in the beginning. The purpose of having this contest was to meet others and get some great dialogue going and to reward people for coming and participating.

So the prizes:

1) The person with most comments will still get the free web site! I already promised that. Right now, a few are neck in neck so keep it up. Remember - you need to have time and comments from others in between your comments. If i do this contest again, this process will change but for this contest, I have to stick to the original promise. If the winner already has a web site, they can opt for a different prize and give the web site to the drawing. I would recommend this if you really don't need it.

2) I am adding a prize for others. To everyone else who posted comments during the Month of March gets to put their name in a hat, you will get a shot at a random drawing for another marketing prize. I don't know what it will be yet. I have not figured it out yet but trust me - you will like it!!!! It will either be a business card design, a blog design, or some marketing consulting.

  • The winner is excluded in this drawing!
  • You get one point for every comment as well as your points for the bonus pieces.
  • I will add up your score and put your name in the hat that many times. So if you have 100 points, you get your name in the hat 100 times. If you have 5 points, you get your name in the hat 5 times.
  • My hubby will draw out a name and that person wins the Sur-Prize! (trust me he is as honest as they come :) (psst he also speaks with an English accent that makes him sound polite and intelligent too so I just want to hear him say who won out loud :)

This way some people who are just joining us will still have a shot if they comment. But the ones who are already working hard will have a much higher chance.

Have Fun and remember to Comment responsibly :)

Oh yeah and please - Don't comment and drive!!!

Oh yeah - one more thing - Don't you think Boy George's song could be my contest theme song?

Comment Chameleon.

What?! It's Karma Chameleon? You mean I've been singing the wrong words this whole time! Fudge!

"Comment Comment Comment Comment Comment, Chameleon!!!!!

You comment, go! You comment, Go!

Lovin' you would be easy if you comment and light my dreams.

Those golden dreams. A blogger's dreams."

*cricket cricket* Hello - is this thing on??!


Unknown said...

I like the new rules! And the new prize...gives me a chance for winning. After having some trouble with comments, I've not been able to post too many, but at least I've got a chance with a drawing!

Robyn Campbell said...

I never comment and drive. I think you are being sooo fair to one and all! Thanks for doing this, btw. Oh, can't butter you up to make me the winner?? SHOOT! :) Thanks.

Robyn Campbell said...

Hmm, never liked Boy George. How about, Dream On, by Aerosmith. I mean that's what we're doin' here, dreamin' about winning the prize! :)

Carrie Harris said...

Thanks for the rule clarification! And how cool is it that you're adding another prize! I'm overdosing on exclamation points, so I must be excited!

I'm definitely interested to see more info on book trailers; I've seen a few of them but never been compelled to buy a book because of it. I'd like to see how other people have made them work.

Anonymous said...

Fair enough about only counting the point if there is a comment in between. But sometimes, I come back to a post hours later and comment on another aspect of the post. If nobody has commented in between, does that still mean it doesn't count?

Corey Schwartz said...

Oh, what a good idea! :)

Shelli, have you ever done a bookmark design? My business cards are pretty cute, but I really struggled with trying to do a Hop Plop bookmark (I gave up in the end)

Unknown said...

Oh George- He sure has had his ups and downs.

Hmmm... there is a second prize. There might be hope for me :). I love this contest but man is it a time eater. I read your blog. Comment. Read something else. Comment. Get distracted by something else on the screen. Read it- follow the link... 2 hours later it is time for carpool pick up! Sheesh!

Read your comment about my baby blues. I do wish I had the time (meaning I wish I were 29 again) and the funds to have another child. I also would like to add a few hours to the regualar 24 hour day. That would help. Let's talk soon.

Kelly Polark said...

Boy George, I think she's got it! :)
Thanks for offering an extra prize! Woo hoo!

Kimbra Kasch said...

Dreams and book trailers - how'd you know I'm dreaming of having a booktrailer-one day?...

PurpleClover said...

Hey! I managed to finally realize I WASN'T following your blog. I'm sorry! I would have been sooner...but apparently I was having a brain fart.

LOVE the Culture Club!! I especially love Chameleons! ;)

Doraine said...

Hi Shelli, Just wanted to let you know that I posted a comment and link on my blog for your contest. http://dorireads.blogspot.com

Carrie Harris said...

How can people not like Boy George? He's made of awesome.

Ever since I saw this post, I've been singing Karma Chameleon. So, um... thanks? ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Doraine! How cool to discover you have a blog too. Now I know someone else's blog I can comment on. Shelli is expanding my world! Vicky Shecter

King of my Throne said...

So, I still have a chance! Yea! Love Lotteries!!!

Shelli (srjohannes) said...

carrie - ha! I hate when that happens. sorry!

Vicki - yes ill still give points if a long period of time has lapsed. Ill say 11.75 hrs :)

Doraine - awesome ill check it out :) good job!

purple clover - glad to have you aboard :)

Kim - dont we all ;) You'll get it.

Betsy, beth, kelly and King - yes you have a shot at something :) and it is not a boobie prize!

Robyn - i can always use some buttering up :)

Anonymous said...

Shelli, you're too funny. Why 11.75 hours? I can't do the math! I'm a writer, after all...

Dorothy said...

Can't help but wonder if Boy George has grandchildren yet. No, wait....

Just commented on your Amazon book. Hope it took. It's really good.