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Sunday, March 01, 2009

And we're off.....to where I have no clue?

Marketing Muse
Shadow Brand is a brand every one of us gives off without knowing. What is your shadow brand. Is it fear? it is over confidence? Is it professional? Is it approachable? Find out what "vibe"you are giving off as an author. Make surethat is the brand you want to give off.

And we're off......

The "Comment Your Butt Off" contest starts today at midnight. To view the prize details, see the original post

So let's review the rules:

1) You CAN enter if you are a writer/illustrator (published or pre-published - this means you are writing and not yet published :). So even if you have a draft. All writers are eligible!)
2) You CAN enter if you are directly connected to book publishing (editor/agent - maybe you have an author that needs a web site!)
3) You CAN be self published.
4) You CANNOT be just a freelance copywriter. You MUST be associated with publishing books directly. Not just editing them on the side or doing copywriting on the side.
5) You can be writing for adults and/or children.
5) ONLY Comments made DURING MARCH are eligible. Not before or after that. I will go by the date/time stamp on my blogger comment page.

1) Starting on March 1st, I will begin tracking comments on a spreadsheet.
2) At the end of the month (March 31st at midnight.) - I will count all the points for for each person.
3) The person who has the most points wins.
4) If there is a tie in total points - I will put those names into a hat and draw the winner.

Points (unlimited max)

  • 1 point per comment.
  • If you want to do 25 comments a day - go for it! you can comment on any post including past ones

Feeling Crazy Bonus Points (max of 10 points): you must email me and let me know if you do these things

  • 2 points if you follow my blog
  • 2 points if you follow me on Twitter
  • 2 points if you friend me on facebook
  • 5 extra points - if you add me to your blog roll (you MUST EMAIL and let me know I am on your blog roll during the Month of March.
  • 5 extra points - if you post about my contest (you MUST EMAIL me and let me know that the post is up.

(And if you are really feeling crazy and wacky - I'll even give out an extra 25 extra points if you get agents/editors to visit me and comment but they'd have to tell me you sent them :) Ha Ha!

You win the DESIGN for a 5 page web site that you can them populate.

I cannot wait to meet all my new blogger friends as well as help someone get a web site :) I am so excited about this and I thank you all in advance for coming and joining on the fun!

Even for those who may not win the web site - you will make a new blogger friend in me, get great marketing advice, find new blogs, and expand your network.

You have nothing to lose!


Corey Schwartz said...

Oh, I am first. I can't believe it is March already! So excited!

Unknown said...

Commenting for another point! :)

Just sent an email with the blogroll and post info :)

Unknown said...

Commenting, commenting, commenting :) I wanna win!

Unknown said...

Seriously, I could get a point for every comment? Because I'm just sitting here, watching America's Next Top Model, and there's not much else to do...

Carrie Harris said...

This is such a fabulous contest idea, particularly for people like me who have a blog and need a site to go with it! Thanks for doing it!

Robyn Campbell said...

Well, I added you to my blog roll and I am going to post about your contest plus two comments today. *rubs hands together* I'd say I'm off to a great start!

Kimbra Kasch said...

Okay - so, I'm in it to win it!!!

I've added you to my blog roll:

”Kim Kasch’s Blogspot”

Plus, I posted about your contest. Cool contest, cool prizes.

Tina Anderson said...

Hello Shelli, I had the pleasure of meeting you this weekend at Spring Mingle and learned so much from you. I am new to the world of blogging, and am excited about this contest for both the prize, but also for the chance to explore this world. I have just set up my own blog called Tina's Thoughts and once I figure things out will add you to my blog roll and post your contest. Thank you so much for doing this and being an inspiration. Tina Anderson

Anonymous said...

I'm in too! You were awesome at Springmingle (V. shecter)

Anonymous said...

Overheard at Springmingle: "You know, I'm a horse person and whenever Shelli said somethin' about 'branding,' all I could think of was seared flesh!"
[ha!] V.shecter

Anonymous said...

One more thing. I don't have a blog, but I do have twitter and facebook. Do I get extra points if I mention what you're doing on those ['cuz, you know, the whole REASON I'm doing this is cuz I need a new website and have no clue how to begin to blog...]
Vicky Shecter

Anonymous said...

Gah! Do folks without a blog have ANY chance of winning....? me want to work with you so bad...
Vicky Shecter

Anonymous said...

Okay, one thing I found fascinating is what you said [at Springmingle]about "shadow branding." The idea that even if we don't think we're "branding" ourselves,we actually are--as in the "Gee, I'm not sure I'm good enuf to get pubbed" brand. Part of me knows you're right and part of me is aghast that if I'm having an "insecure" day, that's the "brand" [?] I'm in. Talk about self-identity issues. I'm not making any sense because I think i still need to mull it around. But it's a fascinating idea.
Getting tired of me yet?
Vicky Shecter

Katie Anderson said...

Lookin' good! Lookin' good!

Casey Something said...

I'm sure there are others that could use the prize more than me, but I'm going to give this a go.

You're already on my blog roll. And, I mentioned your competition on my post yesterday, but I'm going to dedicate tomorrow's post to it and give more details.

: )

Casey Something said...

As far as shadow brands go, I'd like to think I'm relatively easy-going, dedicated, and professional but I'm not very confident, so I'm just not sure how that will all play out when it matters. Hm.

Cathy C. Hall said...

Hi Shelli,

Just wanted to pop in to give a "good job at Springmingle" shout to you. P.S. I thought you were funny, too. And P.P.S. I have a pair of boots that I LOVE, too. I've worn a hole in one of them, but I still wear 'em 'cause I think I'm way cool in my boots :-)

Oh, and I already have a website and blog(s)but I'll happily link to you 'cause I have a few writer friends who could use your help!

Casey Something said...

I have you on Facebook already but I just added you on Twitter and I'm an official follower now!

I'll be catching up on the marvelous marketers tomorrow.

Doraine said...

Shelli, Thanks so much for your presence at Springmingle. Your comments were so helpful. And the informal question and answer session was great. I know I need to figure out this whole website world.

Doraine said...

I added you to my blogroll, too.

Doraine said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I have already discovered one problem with my blog set up. My signature doesn't line up with my name. I guess that's pretty misleading. Fixed, I hope!

Casey Something said...

I've got my post up on my blog now Shelli! I hope it draws some more people in for you.

Unknown said...

Thanks for your advice today. By the way- were you talking about me when you said that some people give off a "fear" shadow brand - ha, ha. Probably but not anymore baby!

I'm off as well!!!

Corey Schwartz said...

I don't know what my Shadow Brand is but I am visiting two elementary schools this week, so maybe I will find out!

Unknown said...

I feel so official. I have had two comments on my blog :).

Ok- just saw the CALDECOTT winner "A Couple of Boys Have the Best Week Ever". Looked it up. First line of story, "One hot, summer day....

Are you kidding me. That goes against everything in the speeches we have heard, the books we have read. Frazee is the author.

Need an agent. Need an agent. Ha, ha.

My index finger is sore from using my mouse so much today.

Anonymous said...

I think I may have figured out how to follow your blog. Call me clueless, but persistent! Vicky Shecter

Mary Uhles said...

ok shelli, i'm going for the bonus points. I've friended you at facebook and just added you to my blog roll (under great, good and funny bits about publishing) and i've posted about the contest on my blog www.fabulousillustrator.com

King of my Throne said...

I still am afraid to do this. I have a blank acct on facebook...my friends consist of my husband's relatives and I feel so vulnerable. Just like walking into the lunch room or pep rally at middle school. YUCK

holly cupala said...

Oh wow, ha ha, I didn't even realize I was "competing." I just like to stop by your blog and comment! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, I just realized you wrote that you were considering doing this contest quarterly. Man! It's brilliant, really, but I can't imagine the time it's taking you.