3 S.R. Johannes: Friday Five!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday Five!

1) From the Horse's mouth. I read a few post this week that gave direct feedback from kids to adults writers about what they like and don't like about books. In Publisher's Weekly , a 13 year old boy tells what boys like and don't like about today's books for boys. At the Crow's Nest, Nina summarizes what teens like and don't like about the books they read. She is a high school teach and grabbed some great insight. (how much do we owe you Nina!) I found it very insightful and it make me wonder: Why don't we Children writers find more time to talk with kids. We seem to spend alot of time reading about how to write, how to publish a book, how to get an agent, and how to do school visits. Great idea for next conference, get a panel of teens!

2) Commenting Challenge. I have way surpassed my quota of 5 comments a day. Bad news - more people have proof of how goofy I am. Good news - I made a few Bloggie friends this week. Special shout out to Literary Rambles (CaseyMcCormick). When the challenge is over, my goal is to continue visiting new blogs and meeting new efriends. After all, an introvert can never have too many cyber-friends.

3) Eight is Enough. Now I usually do not blog about politics. But I watched a video on Grow Wings - Laini Taylor's blog - that I found insightful. I am not here to give a "Prop 8: to be or not to be" speech. But here is a link to Keith Olberman's commentary on Prop 8. Whether you agree or not, he has some funny lines and good points. Plus I love his passion. (Thanks for the heart check Laini!)

4) My WFFs (Writer Friends Forever). It is so rare to find people that you connect to that love your writing and want you to succeed just as much as they want to succeed. Another special shout out to a few people who have been supporting me non-stop as I finished my book and a request for fulls from a couple agents I researched and hand-picked for my representation. Katie Anderson for offering to read my entire YA novel in a week. She has provided amazing insight and I wholeheartedly appreciate it. Check out her blog - Plot This (along with writer friend Sarah Francis who is also reading my book for me). Jessica Dehart, a fellow writer and friend who started this journey with me. She recently gave up an afternoon to sit down and simply brainstorm a few plotting issues. She also has an amazing foundation that teaches kids to lead brilliant lives. To the rest of my critique group - The Calliope Circle - Thanks for all your patience and words of encouragement. Too bad you all aren't agents. I'd be rich! :) Lindsey Leavitt, who has an amazing blog and is one of my new WFFs (writer friends forever). Thank you for taking me under your wing - even if you did not mean to or did not know you were- and guiding me through this crazy process with advice and cheering. My HHF (Hot Hubby Forever) - for everything you do and everything you are to me.

5) Sunny Days. Since I have a 4.83333 year old (I am not ready to say 5 year old yet :( and an 18 month old. Sesame Street is always on at our house (of course within the 2 hr TV limit recommended by the APA ;) This is their 39th season. I am (cough cough) so I grew up with them. They always make the show fresh and hip. Cool singers, new stars and new characters. I am personally in love with Abby Cadabby - the little fairy. For a public run show and station, they rock. Thanks for the sunny days.

Have a good weekend!


Casey Something said...

Thanks so much for the shout out- you're so sweet!

Great Friday five. That article by Nina was really great - invaluable. I'll check out some of the other links you posted too!

Katie Anderson said...

aaww Thanks Shelli! I LOVE LOVE LOVE reading your blog - almost as much as your kick-a** book!!

In fact, I sprinted through the end 2 nights ago - I need to re-read. I got so caught up in all of the action that I was skimming in parts, breathless.

Must. read. again.

will be in touch!

Shelli (srjohannes) said...

Casey - thx for coming back :)

Katie - Thanks for the plug - wich you were an agent :)

Carrie Harris said...

I think that input from teens is absolutely invaluable! I've got two readers who are both nineteen, and while they're on the top edge of my target market, they still have given me a lot of feedback on what strikes them as real about the books... and more importantly, what doesn't. I can remember what it was like to be a teen, of course, but I'll never know what it's like to be one of today's teens. And that's a totally different monster.

Anonymous said...

Okay that is interesting...you had a goal of making 5 blog comments a day? And in the same post you call yourself an introvert? I've seen you at conferences...I would have pegged you as a huge extrovert--always smiling, laughing, surrounded by people! I'm curious, do you still have goals of so many blog comments a day? And how do you decide which ones to comments on?