3 S.R. Johannes: Now I'm a heart beat away from crazy!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Now I'm a heart beat away from crazy!

Quick Update: (bear with me this week - I'm not really in the mood to blog about marketing.)

Went in for my MRI this morning. The thing worked! Thank goodness. And only 45 min - I thought it would be longer. I did replot my book (for revisions) all in my head so at least I got somethig done. Right?

Good news: MRi was normal. Brain and ears are normal. Except maybe I am a bit crazy. who knows.

Weird news: They found out I am having hypo-tension. When I stand up, my blood pressure is dropping. I am at 120/70 until I stand up - then I am about 100/50.

Why my Dr or ENT ever thought to take my blood pressure when I was sitting vs when I was standing is beyond me. Especially seeing as I told them i get dizzy more when I am standing vs sitting.

Diagnosis? They do not think it is my ear and probably ever was my ear? Who knows if it was or not. All I know is I am frustrated with the medical systems and doctors I have been seeing.

Now? I have I have been recommended to see a cardiologist. So here is my journey:

General practitioner
Ear Therapist
Now - on to the Cardiologist

My goal? To see every "ologist" there is and maybe even write a book about them?

What do you think? I'm thinking big seller?

This is all very frustrating.

Tomorrow I will give the stats on the contest and throw in some marketing tips. We'll be back to your regularly scheduled blogs starting Monday :)

Thanks for reading my digressions.

Fun things to do with MRI scans of your brain:

  • search through them with a 5 year old, looking for funny faces
  • compare them to science pictures and guess the different parts of your head
  • laugh at your bulging eyeballs
  • cut them up and tape them onto sticks for a Play about Brains
  • trace them on paper and color them

Fun Fun!

Just think what we can do with the heart scans!

If you think of any others, let me know.


Robyn Campbell said...

YAY! Great news but I'm confused, I thought you had to go back tomorrow. I must be a day behind--which means I'm quickly loosing it. So quickly, that I don't even realize it. Those around must know. MUAhahahaha

King of my Throne said...

This is great news!!! So does that mean that the vertigo is caused by your drop in BP?
Hope this is over with soon.

Anonymous said...

Talk about a good news/bad news story. The good news? It's not your ears and this BP thing is easy to treat. The bad news? You spent months of your life agonizing over a problem that the people you put your faith in did not catch! Ack. Still, what a relief, eh?

King of my Throne said...

Yester day...Sarah Campbell said...
My hubby had a similar problem and we went through a really scary phase where we thought it could be something awful (as if being off balance nearly all the time isn't awful in and of itself). But, you know what I mean. Anyway, check out the canalith maneuver if you can. It seemed to help some. His neurologist suggested it and did the first maneuver in the office.

I wanted you to read this again...Thought about you this morning. Was watching The Doctors show and one of the subjects was vertigo. They said after you have ruled out other causes you should go to a neurologist and have them perform the canalith maneuver ... Don't have any idea how this is performed...they said it is done in office and sometimes needs repeating and that it resets your inner ear.
****Please always add "I THINK" to all these statements***

King of my Throne said...

You said: My goal? To see every "ologist" there is and maybe even write a book about them?
Don't forget Zoologist. Gotta Keep it fun!

Anonymous said...

That "Fun things to Do with your Brain scan" is hysterical. How cool that you got to keep it (the scan, not your brain). I'm trying to picture the 'cut them and tape them on sticks for a play' idea. What would it be like?

The Right brain skipping, "la-di-da", ideas, ideas and ideas. The Left Brain screaming: Give me an outline dangit!

And the "Cognitive brain" trying to gather everyone together to make sure everyone gets along: 'all right children, enough fighting. Let's just get our butts in the chair and start writing. Oh, and NO, Amygdala--no M&Ms until you've written at least one chapter!"

Cuppa Jolie said...

Glad the MRI looked good, Shelli! Hopefully you're one step closer to figuring this all out and to feeling better!

Kelly Polark said...

That is good news, but obviously frustrating! I hope this is the ologist that solves your problems!
My poor daughter has been to so many ologists too (ENT, nephrologist,cardiologist,urologist, neurologist), I think it made her one tough chick! And I think you're one tough chick too!

Unknown said...

You have a very positive outlook on this.

No need to post results tomorrow- "A" has got to be in the lead.

A- if you are out there reading this. I need the website more than you. Really. Please. No more posts. :) jk

Anonymous said...

Betsy--as my son used to say, "I'll arm wrestle ya for it!" I need a website pretty bad too. Perhaps we can convince Shelli to do this contest more than once (aack, that's the sound of Shelli screaming "Noooooooo" across the ether...)

a brilliant blog said...

I hope you get an agent-ologist soon.
you won't be feeling any kind pf pain then!

Corey Schwartz said...

Yeesh, it really does seem like someone should have thought of checking your standing blood pressure sooner!

On another note, I did not mean that Anoop should win or anything. I like Danny (and others) much better. just didn't want him to be the first to be voted off.

Tina Anderson said...

Well at least you are closer to getting the problem fixed. And what a great use of your time with the revisions. I can't wait to read the "ologist" book, maybe an alphabet book from head to toe. Just a thought. ;)

Tina Anderson said...

Well at least you are closer to getting the problem fixed. And what a great use of your time with the revisions. I can't wait to read the "ologist" book, maybe an alphabet book from head to toe. Just a thought. ;)

Sherrie Petersen said...

I'm glad your brain is okay :^) but yeah, I can understand your frustration. Hopefully you'll find an "ologist" who can figure it all out for you!

BTW, I put up the author interview I was telling you about. Enjoy!

Kimbra Kasch said...

Hoo-Ray! I'm glad it's good news. This is much more important news than anything else.


Tabitha said...

Okay, so I was wrong, you're still in uncertainty. And I suppose I could say that after *this* one, you'll be back in certainty...but we both know that won't be true. :)

I'm curious to hear what the cardiologist says, because I'm intrigued. I sometimes have problems with dizziness when I get up, but I also have a touch of hypoglycemia. Do you?

Jessie Oliveros said...

Argh! I'm sorry you have had to go through so many doctors. The medical system can be so infuriating sometimes. If only someone was an "ologist" everything. Not sure how much medical school that would take. Good luck in finding answers!

Anonymous said...

reading your post again reminds me of how frustrating working with medicos are. When i was first diagnosed with diabetes, they thought it was gestational. They took one "snapshot" of my pancreas and said, "Yup, everything's fine." Nobody thought to check out why I still needed insulin after my son was born. Kept saying it was Type II. Almost six years later--all on insulin shots--after I stopped nursing my second child, I asked if I could get off insulin. The docs said, "maybe we should check your pancreas." I get a letter in the mail...letter mind you...stating that "oh by the way, your pancreas is dead, you have Type 1 diabetes, you'll need to be on insulin for the rest of your life." [not quite in those words, but close] Talk about a WTF moment! Here's hoping the worst of your situation is behind you, that you connect with docs that will zero in on the real issue, and that your BP is easy to treat!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I think you should absolutely should write a book about your adventures with all this. Your stories and descriptions are hysterical and you've got the genesis for it already in your posts!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad your brain is normal (at least medically speaking). It must be such a relief. This new thing is strange, but at least from what little I know, low blood pressure is generally less serious than high blood pressure. At least now you have some answers.

Magdalena Scott said...

Shelli, I'm so thankful for your good news! Yes, it's frustrating, and I hear misdiagnosis stories like this too often. At least you didn't have a misprocedure. I recently heard of one of those.

Carrie Harris said...

I'm glad to hear that the MRI went well. I'm always partial to making my scans dance. I did it with my knee scans when I had knee surgery. It's hard to be scared when your scans are doing a kickline. :)

Robin Constantine said...

So glad to hear your MRI went well. You've got a great sense of humor there!

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for keeping us posted. I was worried about you! I am glad to know that things are going ok and on the way to recovery.

Unknown said...

It's all coming back to me now. You have to see the cardiologist and some other 'ologists.

Have you done this?